3 Different Eyeliner Tutorial For Cat Eye Makeup and Smokey Eye

It is one of the cosmetic eyeliner which is very important to create the perfect eye makeup. For those of you who edged sipit, would have been in dire need of this eyeliner. Tutorials for eyes eyeliner sipit that pas is making cat eye or smokey eye. This time you could make a cat eye and smokey eye using 3 types of eyeliner as follows

1. Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner is a type of eyeliner that is widely used by the womenfolk. Maybe some women pleaded hardship this type of wear eyeliner, but after some times wear liquid eyeliner and familiar, then there will be no words difficult to apply them. Liquid eyeliner usually have a brush applicator and culminated as the taper. If you use a liquid eyeliner, it will be invalidated, the sharp eye lines and intense. You just have to draw a line from the inside of the eyelid up to the tip with a thin. The eye sipit will perform perfectly with cat eye makeup eye liquid eyeliner and very fitting to make the look of the cat eye.

2. Kohl Eyeliner

Kohl eyeliner is the texture of a soft eyeliner and usually shaped like a pencil. To create a smokey eye is soft, you can apply kohl eyeliner at the bottom and top eyelids then pertebal end and flatten with finger for results that are more gentle. Makeup like this will make the eyes look wider sipit.

3. Eyeliner Gel

This is called gel eyeliner because tekstrunya in the form of a gel that gently and is usually cast in a jar. In addition to cat eye smokey eye for the look, you can use this gel eyeliner. Simply apply eyeliner using the brush at the top of the eye and the eyelid down.

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