3 Eye Makeup Tutorial For Women With Petals Monolid

Monolid eye lid found on Asian women. Do not see it as a deficiency, because in fact it is the best blessing for you, ladies! There will be no fold or crease on the petals of your eyes. You have a broader canvas for playing your favorite eyeshadow colors and create a dazzling display.

Most beauty tutorials that you can find on Youtube devoted to those who have the eyelid doublelid. A beauty vlogger, Jen Chae, has made many very interesting makeup tutorial for eyelid monolids. Lets see, how the eye makeup tutorial that's right for you, who have the kind of eye monolid

Display Monochrome Dusk
This view emphasise the use of bright colours at the eyes, cheeks and lips. Very suitable for eyelid monolids. Not overboard, but still able to accentuate the advantages of facial features.

Jen apply shadow white glitter in the air-part of the eyelids, and then use the color mauve to make gradations. Then, it uses the color red as a contour at the crease and refine with eyeliner. Next, he used false eyelashes and mascara to make your eyes bigger.

Glamorous Hollywood Eye-Makeup
Create the look of a glamorous monolid, even without eyeshadow, indeed it is not impossible. For this look, Jen use bronzer on your eyelids. He then refine it with paint-a fairly thick eyeliner.

Don't forget to use false eyelashes and mascara on lower lashes. This will make your eyes look bigger, ladies. Slumbering lips with lipstick red in bold, to still look outstanding.

Korean Street Eye-Makeup
Korea women's makeup is identical with the look of flawless skin and eye-makeup that is very soft. To get this look, Jen using contour pen at the crease, then dye the top to make the eyes more fresh, but still natural. Then flatten with finger.

After that, use the eyelash curler and apply mascara, so that the eyes look more open. Voila! Display "no makeup" makeup that is quick and easy. Very suitable for display color lipstick paired with bold. Eye-makeup was used on the Burberry fashion show Spring/Summer 2016.

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1. First of all, you can use the face contour with the kind of pen to make the sides of the nose, cheeks, and Chin more prominent. You can use a brush or fingers to apply it to the skin.

2. use a foundation in some parts of the outside contour of yesteryear. Later this will create a more subtle dimension to the skin of your face.

3. For the part of the eye, use the face contour pen last as more eyes eyeshadow look more obvious. This will make part of the eye you look more beautiful and natural.

4. For lips, use a lipstick with a dark red color to give the Gothic effect. Don't forget to use lip liner before using a lipstick, then wipe a lip liner lip line with the use of cotton buds so that its line seemed to blur and it looks natural.

5. Finally, use the highlight to the type of pen for the eyes, the upper part of the cheeks, and upper lip. Very easy and will accentuate the parts clearly.

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