4 easy steps to Cat eye Makeup

Create a cat eye makeup eye was indeed sometimes hard and sometimes easy. But by following these four steps, can be ascertained when the heartburn-style cat eyeliner eye you will be SO EASY from now on.

Step #1

Make a line on the tip of eyes forming an angle of slope correspond to the line of shadow pink color drawn from the tip of the nose to the tip of the eye.

Step #2

Create a guide to paint the eyeliner area (outline) and how to connect the 2 parallel lines of spring — one on the tip of eyes and one at the middle of the eye — use the eyeshadows and brushes-pointed tilted.

Step #3

Fill in the outline with the eyeliner.

Step #4

When you are finished filling out the other half of the outline of the eyes, continue by completing the line up to the corner of the eye (the inside). Make the lines are thin at corner of eyes, started to thicken in the middle to the ends of the eye.

Cat's eye is finished!

Certainly, these steps can be applied to all types of eyeliner, both liquid, cream, gel, or kohl

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