4 Tips For Eye Makeup That Has Sipit Eyes (Asian Eyes)

Asian woman eye type the most common are hooded eyelids-, monolids, and eyes that are shaped like almonds. The third form of the almond eyes, was the one who most easily daubed with eye-shadow monolids, and eyes are the most difficult. Well, here are some tips for eye makeup for the eyes sipit aka monolids.

1. choose soft colors
For beginners, the election of a dark color for the eye-shadow can give the impression that the more narrow and small. Therefore, in order to keep it fresh and beautiful appearance, you can play it safe by choosing the pastel colors with the help of eye-liner to expresses the shape of the eye. You can choose the color gray young, soft peach, or soft pink, with a touch of eyeliner-Brown or dark grey.

2. avoid eye-shadow sparkle and glitter effect
Actually, you have eyes sipit could play with eye-shadow striking with extra glitter, sparkle or frosty look, yet the slightest error in deployment can make your eyes the more ' disappeared '. If you really want to try 3 texture eye-shadow, simply add in the corners outside the eyes only.


3. Blend in perfectly
The key of perfection make up for eyes is sipit intermingling color is perfect. If the blend color is not perfect, it will pose a stern line that could clarify the eyes form the more minor. Therefore, you should invest an eye-shadow brush mainstay that is perfect for enjoying the colors of your eyelids.

4. create the impression in the eyes more slowly
To make an impression in the eyes more like belonging to the people of Europe, you can outsmart with put black eye pencil or old Brown easy mingling at the outer corner of the eye, near the eyelash line. After that, using the brush's flagship, the dark colors blend in towards the top, until it seems to fade away. Then, give grey or purple at the eyes that have not been assigned a color. Remember, blend it perfectly

Hopefully the tips make up for eyes sipit above is helpful to you.

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