5 Eye Makeup Like The Cat-Eye Flick That Hits On 2018

This year 2018, it's time to leave the line of the eye or eyeliner with a model that is super thick, long-lined and also visible meets the eye. Because this year, ala cat's eye makeup but with a model that is more simple, predictable future hits and booming again.

Of course in addition to the more practical, makeup model cat-eye flick, it makes the eye could be a point of interest of the makeup you apply!

Modern Cat Eye

By giving a dark eyeshadow squeezed round on the tip of eyes, make the eyes very talk. Other makeup intentionally made simple with colors that pale or tend to pale. Let the shape is increasingly clear, forget first the use of false eyelashes.

Half Flick

If it is usually painted with thick eyeliner and fully along the line of the eyes, this year a line half an eye is enough pisses you appear different. Its stripes remain somewhat thick and made with the model cat's eye-style dip.

Thick and Thin

Still happy with the thorough eyeliner line model? If so, you can play with a thinner line from the corner in the eye, but will further thicken at the end. Then, part of a line that swooped out, made by thinning the line again and slightly shaded.

Simple Wave

Alternatively create a line that wants to eyelinernya not too high and sharp, is playing with a slightly wavy shape. Especially if you use the color eyeliner that remains dark, but in addition to black. This form makes the form of eyes you seem so much more wide.

Splice Effect

With the effect of making the lines that connect like this, make a thick eyeliner makeup did not seem excessive. So, between the lines along the edge of the eye, with his eye-paint effects created with little slits. Need some extra time to make it, but the result is guaranteed to be cool!

Cool, right? Anyway you live multiply the amount of eyeliner and eyeshadow makeup box in you, Yes. Good luck!

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