5 Eye Makeup Super Easy But The Results Look Like Professional

Lips Makeup is one of the important things in dressing up, so with any eye makeup. The second part of the face is being used to identify indicators of whether a woman including dress up. You just said to dress up if you have to paint the eyebrows and coloring lips.

Eye makeup will make your eyes look more beautiful and lovely. In addition to paint the eyebrows, there is another way to beautify the look of eye Makeup, among others by applying the eyeliner, eyeshadow or mascara. Unfortunately, many women who have difficulty could eye makeup tools use a combination of these. Here is a tutorial for eye makeup in a simple yet with results that make the appearance more beautiful.

1. to display daily, use a neutral colored eyeliner matching with any outfit

In addition to paint the eyebrows, you can apply a neutral colored eyeliner like brown or taupe eye to look more dimensional. Use a sponge that is small and wide with a smooth and thick fur so that time confound eyeshadow can look neat and not messy. Apply it on the eyelids, mainly at the fold. After that blend it up on the top eyelid with gradations to eyeshadow appears cryptically. Then use a thin eyeliner to reassert the eyelids.

2. Apply makeup smokey eyes for a hangout in the evening for the sake of a more dramatic impression

Eye makeup is suitable for you who want to attend the event or hangout at night and need a more dramatic makeup. Make makeup smokey eyes using eyeshadows are black, blue or purple. Can be applied such as around the eyelids or in the fold just by applying the shimmer silver color on the eyelids so that it looks pretty. Don't forget to apply a dark eyeliner also earlier on the bottom eyelid to give the impression of an eyelid.

3. So as not to get bored, use colored eyeliner for eye makeup

There are several color eyeliner less attention, but could you use to sweeten the display face. For example, you can apply at the waterline or the line at the bottom of the eye. If usually only wear black eyeliner for smokey impression, try wearing colored eyeliner to give a different impression. If you don't want to appear too excessive, use two colors eyeliner for combined like black and blue for example. If you want the eyes look bigger, wear white or nude color eyeliner along the waterline.

4. Or, use bright colors as a substitute for eyeliner eyeshadow. Simple to use yet gives an assertive statement

Some eyeliner colors still belongs to safe used as eyeshadow. The color of gold, purple, and green can still be used as a substitute for the eyeshadows if you do not want to paint in the eyes. No need to be too thick, simply use the thin-thin on the eyelids or it could be used as additional accents at the outer corner of the eye makeup. So similar to the tail, but colored eyeliner. Funny, ' right?

5. use the eyeshadow with shimmer to attend certain events

To attend formal occasions and important moment of graduation or come to the wedding reception, you need more eye makeup in and sweet. Just select shimmery eyeshadow colors gold, silver, or rose gold. Blend in at the eyelid, then blend with the color transitions that match the color of the skin aslimu. If you want to look your eyes look more dimensional, blend in eyeliner dark color on the outside of the eye. After that stayed in line eyeliner eyes apply and wear mascara!

It looks like it's hard, but if you want to try, eye makeup will not be as difficult as imagined. Come on, learn from now on!

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