5 Eye Makeup Tricks In Order To Make The Eyes Look Larger and Twinkle

The eyes are the Windows of the heart and is a very important feature in order to support the overall look of the makeup. Therefore, it is not surprising that many women focus more on makeup around eye area than in other areas. Solely to the eyes look larger and life.

Want to know the trick of makeup so that the eyes appear larger and become alive? see his comments below first!

Careful wearing mascara

After you create the first layer of mascara, apply a second layer of mascara just on the outer tip of the area (outer corners). By updating this section highlights the eye will become more elevated and open.

Highlight the petals

Like the cheekbones that need to be highlighted, as well as the area of the eye. Don't need a sophisticated konturing techniques and elaborate, simply apply with your finger (Pat slowly) kind of shimmery eyeshadow in the midst of the eyelids of both eyes. This will make the area around the eyes become brighter.



Add the white part of the eye look with the use of eyeliner, form a line with white eyeliner eyeline or nude who could even work double as a concealer for eyes. Line color nude or nude eyeliner will make the look of the white part of Your eye illusions become whiter and twinkle, so it appears larger.

Eyebrow tidy up

The exact form of the eyebrows, not only will frame the face nicely but also showing a greater eye illusions. This is why, smoothing the eyebrows and edges become very important.

Brow highlighter

Apply highlighter on the brow bone area special eyebrow (the area just below the eyebrow respectively) as well as in the area of the inner corner (tip in the eye). This combination will disguise the dark color of the inner corners, as well as lifting the appearance of the eyes to appear more twinkle.

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