5 Tips Eye Makeup For Monolid Eyes Ladies

Eye makeup is an essential part to produce a perfect look as desired. Often, the eye makeup deployment takes the longest compared to other facial makeup. Right, Ladies? Make the owner of this eye, eye makeup monolid can be a difficult thing if not know the right tricks.

Don't worry, Ladies! Everything can be arranged. For you who have a monolid eye with eyelids aka hidden can note 5 special eye makeup tricks make monolid here!

Don't Forget To Use Primer
Ladies certainly are familiar with primer instead? The primary use of this compulsory law for those who have a monolid. The primary function is to avoid the friction that occurs between the hidden eyelid and eyelash line. This will make the move eye makeup and the eyelids. So, do not forget the primary, Ladies!

Use the Brushes to Create the shape of the eye
Using liquid liner pen are more practical. But wait! It doesn't go well with monolids!!! The use of liquid liner pen is very risky for monolid owners, because besides the Ladies could not be more close to the lash line liquid liner pen is also at risk of scarring on the eyelids when eyes blinking too fast. Eye liner with a paint brush combined with gel eyeliner to ease monolid eye makeup.

Eyelashes Make Maximum Results
Indeed it is undeniable, fake lashes is very help maximize the results of eye makeup. There also are unable to leave your lashes because it brings major changes to the makeup of their eyes. It will also works on you, Ladies with monolids!!! Try choosing lashes that suit you and wear neatly so that the appearance of the more charming.

The Smoky Eye Makeup
There are many techniques of eye makeup can be done. Just choose the fitting, execution and voila! Make Ladies who have a monolid eyes smoky, the technique could be a choice of techniques that snugly. Monolid has perks that no other eyes forms owner owned. Monolid can maximize dramatic effect especially coupled with smoky eyes makeup.

Create beautiful by using the Gloss Eye Makeup
Gloss eye makeup showing sparkling eyelids or glossy. The luster is produced by brand of lip gloss on the surface of the eyelid. Excess glossy eye makeup does not need to make the Ladies worried about the flap, because there would be no eye makeup stick on eyelids while flashing.

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