5 Types of Eye Makeup Tutorial to Know Women

The eyes are the Windows of the human heart. No wonder if he became part of the face is most commonly seen when speaking. So the more fascinating, there is no harm if you study the eye makeup tutorial.

Eye Make Up tutorial that you need to know
There are many types of eye makeup that you can learn, ranging from the most simple to professional. Each can give the impression of its own and is suitable in different occasions.

But at the very least, you need to know the five types of makeup base that is often used by this woman. Thus, you do not need to bother to go to a salon to look different when should into the Office or party.

In addition to the more practical and time saving, you can save the cost of grooming in the salon. So, the money could be used to meet other needs or saved.

Roughly, makeup, whatever will we for you? Unnecessary length, refer to the list below.

1. Natural
As the name suggests, natural eye makeup tutorial gives the impression of natural and suitable for everyday wear. For example, for casual events like arisan or go to the Mall.

Makeup is also appropriate for a busy career woman working. You can still look fresh even though it does not have much time to dress up, let alone to the salon.

The steps are simple. First of all, apply concealer to flatten the skin color and disguise the pouch black.

Use an eyeshadow that matches with the color of the skin such as nude and beige on the petals. If you want, add a little more color or soft pink on it so that the more fresh.

Plus a line of resolute eyes using eyeliner. Apply it with a little mascara or false eyelashes wear thin in order not to be too garish as a finishing touch.

2. Shimmery
Shimmer shimmer effect so that it can give your look more luxurious. Suitable for use when attending parties and combined with other dresses or kebaya.

For those of you who dare to appear different, select bold or color with shimmer light. But if not overconfident, choose the color of natural light and pastel-like.

If takarannya pas and not excessive, shimmery makeup natural is also suitable for everyday. Can actually make your face more fresh and sparkling.

The application deep in the corner of shimmer petal can make it look bigger. So, suitable used as eye makeup tutorial sipit.

This makeup can also be used for bridal eye make up tutorial. Usually, the color used is the silver because of similar statements by wedding dresses that are generally white.

However, if the marriage was held with indigenous Indonesia that color the clothes assortment, colors shimmer is also adjustable.

3. Smokey Eyes
Want to look sexy, mysterious, enchanting at the same time? You can follow the tutorial make up eye smokey eyes above.

This makeup is actually classified as a classic and has been used since a long time. I.e. Since the 1920-60s when Western artists began to wear it.

However, no need to worry about being branded out of date if it uses it. Until recently, however, smokey eyes remained popular and loved womenfolk.

Smokey eyes makeup used for the most suitable party. Suitable also for Muslim women who wear hijab or modern one. Moreover, Islamic women usually wore Kohl often.

While wearing the hijab, you are not free to explore hairstyle. That's when the facial and eye makeup can be highlighted so that its appearance is not too monotonous.

4. Cat Eyes
Eye make up tutorial you must know is the next cat eyes aka cat's eye. This makeup is very popular both in the West as well as in Korea.

Cat eyes even used and became the hallmark of several celebrities. Among them Taylor Swift which is almost never off it.

Cat eyes is almost similar to the winged eyeliner. It's just that, the size of the tail is smaller so more "safely" employed by you who are less confident with heavy makeup.

The tail is alike rise to the top so that it gives the impression of expressive, bold, and sexy. It produces effects in contrast with puppy eyes that made the wearer look glazed.

To get the perfect cat eyes, take note of how to wear eyeliner. You can create a thin line first before menebalkannya so as not to fall apart.

5. Cut Crease
Cut crease is a technique which expresses the part the folds of the petals with eyeshadow. This technique is often used by celebrities already since the year 1960-70s including by Audrey Hepburn.

In addition to the line at the crease, cut crease usually use contrasting colors for the top and bottom lids. This game will produce the illusion so the eyes look bigger.

Cut crease can be used alone or in combination with other techniques. For example, smokey eyes or shimmer so glamorous and graceful impression more clearly displayed.

How to make yourself a little more complicated than other techniques. Especially if Your single or petals have no folds.

However, don't worry because you can still create an illusion. Usually, that is often used is black.

However, it could also wear a brighter color like in tutorial above eye makeup. Also complete with eyeliner and mascara so that the window of your heart is more expressive.

The more Dazzling with Eye Makeup
It's her five eye make up tutorial to know women. Knowing the kind of makeup base makes it easy for you to beautify yourself everyday.

In order for the makeup is more durable, you could use a primer before the start of the first step. The primer can help prepare the skin so that the end result looks softer.

The primer can also be the key when you are curious in a way make up eyeshadow with eyes that are durable in the skin.

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