6 Important Tips When Using Eye Makeup

The most crucial moment of the makeup is part of the eye. No wonder more people are choosing to skip the cosmetic eye and instantly use lipstick makeup on because part of the eye is not considered easy. This is important information that should be known when the cosmetic section of your eyes.

1. Wear eyeliner pencil types to make the line up the inside of the eye. use the eyeliner close to the eyelashes make the results appear more natural eyeliner and eyelashes appear thicker.

2. To give gradations when using eyeshadow, use a light color of eyeshadow on the eyelids and the darker color in the crease of the eye. This way makes the eyes more defined.

3. For the results of eye makeup is more stand-out, use the eyeshadow colors with shimmery textures in the middle of the eyelid. DAB also shimmer eye at the tip of the inside in order to make the eyes appear more radiant.

4. tired and Red Eyes could disiasati with the use of eyeliner under the eyes. Use a light blue color eyeliner under the eyes for a brighter impression in the eye.

5. When using a dark color of eyeshadow or want to create effects smokey eyes, DAB the first new eyeshadow wear makeup. This will avoid the eyeshadow powder falling into the foundation.

6. When would like to wear two layers of mascara, make sure the mascara first used is not fully dry in lashes. When you coat the back of mascara that has already dried, then the result will be lumpy.

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