7 Easy Steps How To Use Eyeliner On Eye Makeup For Beginners

When talking about makeup, there is one kind of make-up that certainly should not be left behind. Eyeliner. Eyeliner itself is now one of the make-up that is considered important for the womenfolk. Eyeliner was applied as framing the eyes to eyes appear larger, firm, sexy, and also dramatic.

For those who are already accustomed to dress up using eyeliner has indeed not feel trouble again, yet another case with beginners. Applying eyeliner with a neat and the same on both eyes turns out not to be said easily. Sometimes tidy but left same not right, or even covered because the hand that keeps shaking.

For those of you, beginners in applying eyeliner, before you figure out how to wear eyeliner, it's good if you know in advance all kinds of eyeliner which is sold in the market.

Types of eyeliner:
1. Pencil eyeliner
Pencil eyeliner is the most popular type of eyeliner and easy way of application. Eyeliner pencil type is suitable for those of you who are still beginners. This is due to easy ways to use it that is easy and will not run over like liquid eyeliner as well as other types of eyeliner.

Buy a pencil eyeliner, means you must also buy a Sharpener. Pencil Sharpener each time wearing it. This is useful to avoid and get rid of the bacteria that could have been attached to previous usage. But don't be too sharp as whittle a pencil to write, because it can make the skin in the eye area precisely because the first wounded.

2. Liquid eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner is usually packaged in small bottles with a brush is thin and pointy like a pencil in order to facilitate application. Liquid eyeliner or liquid eyeliner is darker in colour or concentrated and more durable when compared with pencil eyeliner. This liquid eyeliner application is indeed more complicated because it could just be overflowing and takes time to dry.

3. Liquid pencil eyeliner
Liquid pencil eyeliner is almost the same as the liquid eyeliner but brush and blend into packaging shaped like a pencil. The allusion such as ballpoint pen. Brush a little thicker as compared to liquid eyeliner and eye look much more bold, assertive, and dramatic. This type of eyeliner is also perfect for those of you who are still beginners.

4. The Gel eyeliner

This type of eyeliner "The ink" is packaged in a container such as a container of powder. "The Ink" any such liquid eyeliner just more condensed, such as gels in General. It is usually applied using a brush thin and spiky.

5. Cake eyeliner
This eyeliner cake packaged like solid powder on the containers. More often used by professionals like make-up artist. How to use it else must brush moistened in advance so that the color of the eyeliner out.

Well, once you know the types of eyeliner, it is time for those of you who are beginners know how to wear eyeliner.

How to wear eyeliner for beginners
1. Apply the eyeliner form that matches the shape of your eyes
The shape of each person's eye is certainly different, therefore recognise the shape of your eye so that when you want to apply the eyeliner, you know what kind of eyeliner form that matches your eyes.

2. use the kind of eyeliner pencil eyeliner for beginners
For those of you who recently tried the world of make-up or dress up using eyeliner, use pencil eyeliner. Use eyeliner pencil is easier for beginners. And also as an experiment will not run over other types of eyeliner compared to

3. How to wear eyeliner with the correct position
The next step is how to wear eyeliner is determining the correct position. Apply eyeliner with a sitting position and put your hands on a stable table. This is done so that the hands do not sway and minimize unwanted errors.

4. Point a little over your head a bit when applying eyeliner
While applying eyeliner, point your head a little bit over the line before you can view your eyes more clearly. How to wear eyeliner is instead so as not to apply by pulling the ends of the eye. Do not pull the ends of the eye, because the tip of the eye is very sensitive and even speed up the aging process of the skin

5. create dots or stripes
In order not to slant or avoid different thicknesses. Make dots or stripes haris on your eyelids and then in bold. How to wear eyeliner you can skip if considered unnecessary

6. Apply eyeliner to one direction and once the swab
How to wear eyeliner so that its thickness is distributed evenly with one swab. After creating the dots or lines, sweep eyeliner from end to end just a swab. So then its thickness will be evenly distributed.

7. Sweep again until it reaches the desired thickness
If both feel less thick, sweep away from the ends. Remember! From end-to-end. Do not from the middle.

Thus the 7th how to wear eyeliner right for beginners.

In fact how to wear eyeliner who look this easy, still many people trouble and make mistakes. You should avoid the mistakes when applying eyeliner. What kind of error? Refer to the course directly.

Common mistakes wear eyeliner
1. Apply the eyeliner on all lines of the eyes, top and bottom.
This is instead of making you become more dramatic, but it will make the appearance of the eye become smaller when You want the look of the eye to make it look bigger. It is indeed suitable for those who want to apply the concept to dark on your face and wear the smokey eyes effect. But for everyday make-up quite bizarre will be impressed.

2. Apply the eyeliner only on the bottom eye line.
To look firmly, you simply apply eyeliner only on the bottom eye line. This will make Your eyes look disproportionate.

3. you lazy whittle a pencil eyeliner and use it in a State of blunt.
By applying pencil eyeliner without Whittle, will get you trouble and instead will be uneven and neat.

4. Apply the eyeliner too thick
How to wear eyeliner to eyes sipit so eyes looks great applying eyeliner with a with a is not thick and bold. If you apply the eyeliner too thick, precisely the look of your eyes will increasingly look small. Especially for those who have eyes that are lined. It is better to apply eyeliner as thin as you can if you want to create the look of your eyes look larger.

5. Applying eyeliner with a pull to the top end of your eyes
By doing these things constantly, you instead will accelerate the aging process on your eyes because the skin around the eye is very sensitive. Better make it a habit to apply eyeliner with a little directing and above your head

6. Apply liquid eyeliner on the bottom of your eyes
This will make your look too hard and fierce. Better to use pencil eyeliner and then flatten with use a brush eyeshadow if you want to apply the eyeliner on the bottom of your eyes.

7. Use white eyeliner
Maybe some of you are surprised to hear this. Indeed many have said if you want to display a larger eye use white eyeliner. It is indeed absurd, but you have a better option. Instead of using white eyeliner, try using a nude eyeliner. This will make your display looks more natural.

That's the kind of eyeliner, how to wear eyeliner for starters, and common mistakes when applying eyeliner. May be useful.

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