7 Steps Practical Way Eye Makeup To Appear More Width or Large

Set the appearance of the eye is the most important part in a form or method apply makeup. This is because a small change to the look of the eye, then it could affect the overall look of your face. In General, too, a lot of eye makeup styles popular is what and how: that the eye could look wider, a power tersendir charm on facial beauty of women.

From 8 types of eye shapes, do certain eye makeup can make her look wide. If you do the right makeup on eyes, it could make a lot of difference to Your overall appearance.

In this article we will give you one of the specific methods used to manipulate the set of eyes so that seems wider than usual.

7 makeup simple and practical steps to make the eyes look wide

1. Start by Shaping Your Eyebrows
Thick eyebrows make eyes and contains a closer look.

2. Apply a neutral color on the eyelids
Apply a neutral color to the petals of the outer angles extends to little eyes and slightly above the fold. Use primary colors such as light brown or flat along the eyelid.

3. Bottom line
Use a brush to apply a thin, thin line under the eye. The color should be the same as the color you apply to the eyelids.

4. Corner of the inside of the eye
Apply the darker colors like dark brown over at an angle in the eyes and the more to fade towards the outer corner. This will make the eyes look more narrow, because his attention is on the corner of the inside.

5. Highlight your eyes
Use color to highlight under the brow bone, in the Middle leads to the pupils, blending with the color of the folds.

6. Line Eyes
Use a very dark color, press on the corners in the eye, and expands to the middle to get a closer eye illusions.

7. apply Mascara
Apply a coat (if needed) and mascara, making it look more complete and lasting. How it will help your eyes look narrower than usual. Dark shade and will have an emphasis on angles in the eye, that makes the eyes look more closely.

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