8 How to Genius how to wear Eyeliner On eye Makeup for beginners

Already know how to wear eyeliner? Try and feel that wearing eyeliner is actually not as difficult as it is!

Eyeliner is one part make up a very important! By wearing eyeliner, you can create the appearance of getting fresh and firm. Unfortunately, many women are still difficulties in wearing eyeliner, especially for beginners and those who are learning to make the dramatic cat-eye.

8 How to wear Eyeliner for beginners
Well, here are 8 ways genius to wear eyeliner. Do you already know?

1. know the correct position wearing eyeliner

Position wearing the wrong eyeliner will make it difficult to wear eyeliner. Rather than wear it while standing, you better sit down and place your right hand on the desk of a stable, then put the little finger in cheek to avoid unwanted errors.

2. do not pull the ends of your eyes!

The skin in the eye area is a thin skin. Pull the ends of your eyes like this can make your skin more rapidly sagging. Does anything make mistakes while wearing eyeliner, you can remove it using a cotton bud.

3. make dots or stripes

You can make the dots or lines on the petals of your eyes first. After that, use eyelinermu as usual. Functions dots or lines is to be a guide wearing eyeliner.

4. use a spoon

To make the shape of the cat-eye was perfect, you could use the help of home appliances, such as a spoon. You just need to put on the tip of eyes and made it a guide to wear eyeliner.

Not only a spoon, you can also use your business card as a guide to make cat-eye.

5. cat-eye Pictures of the outside of the eye
Make a cat-eye from outside eyes would be much easier! Make sure you use the best eyeliner to get maximum results.

6. create signs fences

Pencil eyeliner you can use to create smoky eyes! It's easy, you just need to make the sign of the fence at the end of the outer petals of your eyes, and then blend it with a sponge.

7. Beginning with the mess

Natural for beginners if you still make the eyeliner and got the results a bit messy. You can use concealer to remove part of the mess.

Not only with concealer, you could even use a little petroleum jelly or even lip gloss for smoothing eyeliner!

8. While clamping the eyelashes

For you are in a hurry, you can clamp the lashes while applying eyeliner like a unique way on this one.

In early experiments, perhaps you would not instantly get perfect results that you want. But as with many practice, sure you will become adept at wearing eyeliner!

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