Avoid Six Wrong Eye Makeup Techniques, Often Hurt The Eyes

Every woman certainly never had an unpleasant experience when wearing makeup face. One of them, the pain while applying makeup products especially in the part of the eye.

Cosmetic techniques can be fatal to the health of the eyes. So that it does not overwrite the companion of Dream, consider some of the following!

Reported by Boldsky, these tips when cosmetic eye is recommended so as not to cause pain.

Apply a product that does not comply
A common mistake is wearing products that are not supposed to be used for the eyes. Chemicals contained therein would endanger the health of the eyes.

Wear mascara
Deployment of mascara can be very painful if incorrect sequence. Don't wear mascara first before hem with a special tool. This may damage eyelashes because it will stick on the brace feels gnawing.

False eyelashes
Tinting long false eyelashes is indeed being mushroomed at the moment. But, we recommend that you choose a good quality lashes.

If not, false eyelashes will overload the petals that are at risk of making puffy eyes. More secure, ask for professional help to melekatakan lashes.

Wear of the product has expired
Make sure the date has not crossed the line of makeup products the validity period. It is very important to prevent irritation and eye infections. Save products makeup at a cool and dry in order to be durable.

Apply eyeliner
The wearing of eyeliner directly on the line of the eyes is extremely unsafe. To avoid irritation, we recommend that you use the product or kohl eye pencil.

So, eyeliner will not seep into the eye. More secure again, wearing eyeliner at the bottom eye lid and not right in the eyes of the aqueduct.

Makeup remover
Wearing the wrong remover can also endanger the health of the eyes. Choosing safer products is constituted as light as coconut oil. Then don't rub it in sensitive areas, or preferably wear destroyed the eyes only.

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  1. Do you have any tips how to hide eyebags? The only option I see now is to undergo scarless eye bag removal in Singapore but it is too expensive.


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