Bored With The Cat Eye? 5 This Eye Makeup Can Make You Look Different

One important part of eye makeup is makeup. In addition, the use of eyeliner eyeshadow application plays an important role to make the desired makeup style. Want to try giving a different look at the beautiful eyes? The following 5 style eyeliner makeup that will make your eyes so more unique and playful. Like what?

1. Geometric Liner

One eye makeup trend is very fun and it can also be dramatic as you wish. Geometric style liner does require a more complicated technique of the cat eye look. You can use liquid liner for creative Art Deco cool on this one. How complicatednya depend on the creativity of you to create your desired end result. You can use the scotch tape for easy application.

2. Classic glam

This eyeliner is a style more dramatic version of cat's eye. To get a more mysterious look, use black cat eye as usual but add a line-shaped cat eye longer thinner on it leading up to the eyebrows. You can use the scotch tape as a delimiter between two eye paint and for easy application.

3. Negative Space Liner

Want to make your eyes more character? You must try this bold twist on the cat eye, ladies! To get it, make the look of the cat eye as usual when you will make the wing eyeliner. While to make a bold twist on cat eye you, drop a line on top of the wing towards the eyeliner in the eye until the end of the outer eye. Then make a vertical line that connects between a bold twist with a cat eye. Then the thick part of the bold twist only on part of the line or deep. Add the glitter on the corners in the eyes and under the wing of eyeliner.

4. Bold Color

Facial makeup badass look unlikely opponent talking to miss you. To get this style of eye bold you can use different colors of light. Want to look more challenging? You can try a bright yellow color. Use the liquid, gel or crayon eyeliner like cat eye technique. Then apply a line of colored pencil eyeliner with underliner made similar. To perfect this eye makeup with mascara on the upper and lower eyelashes.

5. The Technicolor Cat Eye

Bored with the usual black cat eyes look? You should try to use colored eyeliner to give a statement of its own on the eye area look. Choose a bright color to make it look fresh and different, such as blue or green. Use colored eyeliner with soft and intense creamy formula. You can also use a liner brush to help sweep of eyeliner so that the result is more precision and as close as possible to the eyelash line. To create the illusion of a longer eye shape, drag the cat eyes also are longer than usual.

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