Corrective Eye makeup tricks to cover up Deficiencies in the eye

In the makeup of the face, the eyes are an important part that need to get special attention. The overall look is makeup face feels nothing less and yet perfect when the makeup on the part of the eye is also not perfect. In order for the perfect eye make up, surely we have to find out in advance what sort of shape our eye and what deficiencies in our eyes to use stratagem and covered with makeup that we use.

No need to be confused as to how to get around the shape of the eye that proved less than perfect. With corrective makeup tricks on the eye, demerit in the eyes will be covered, the look of eyes will look more beautiful and interesting.

What is corrective eye makeup tricks?
Corrective eye makeup tricks is a great way to get around the shape of the eye a less perfect with applying makeup techniques are tailored to the particular disadvantages that exist.

For example, with corrective make-up tricks of the eye, the eye is small so impressed, eyes glazed impressed so much "life" and "talk", or the form of the eye that are not symmetrical between the left and right eye can be corrected so that it looks look more symmetrical.

How do the trick make up corrective on the eyes?

The following are some examples of form deprivation on the eye with corrective makeup tricks that need to be applied:

Sipit eyes (do not have lids)
To correct the shape of the eye a sipit (has no petals) to make it look bigger, one trick is to use masking tape (scotch tape).
In addition to using duct tape to get around the eyes, the shape of the eye a sipit, we can also play with the eyeshadow. As a result, the eyes will look larger and have petals.

Correcting the shape of eye makeup with sipit is:
Use dark colors eyeshadow on the outer corner of the eye. Next, add white eyeshadow on the eyelids and dark color eyeshadow again on it. Then, blend in and tidy up so that eye makeup looks smooth and blends.

Small eyes
You have small eyes and feel less satisfied with the shape of the eye? No need to be concerned. Do Your eyes shape correction with corrective eye makeup tricks in order to obtained the impression of a larger eye.

Correcting the shape of small eyes with makeup is:
Let your wearing eyeshadow on the eyes. The trick is, apply light colors eyeshadow on the eyelids, then blend it with eye shadow dark color on the ends of the eye.

Other makeup tricks to correct the shape of small eyes is to use dark color liquid eyeliner on the upper part of the eye (the eye line up). Next, use a light color eyeliner on the lower part of the eye (the bottom line of the eye). Then, use false eyelashes on the upper eyelashes. To the bottom lashes, use mascara and gave little emphasis on the core by means of applying the mascara is thicker in the Middle, the lower lashes. It aims in order to make the eyes look more volume and bigger.

Eyes glazed and down
If you have a form of the eyes glazed and impressed down, so it looks like the person being sleepy, perform corrective makeup tricks on your eyes with eyeshadow killing toward the top so that the corner of the eyes look up.

Correcting the shape of the eyes glazed by using the make up is:
Apply eyeshadow dark color around the crease of your eyelid. Then, blend in with the bright colors of eyeshadow on it towards the outer corner of the eye at the top (pull towards the end of Your eyebrow). As a result, the eyes will look more "alive" and the impression of a glazed or mengantuknya will also be vague.

Sunken eyes (go into)
When you have the form of a sunken eye, tricks to get around is to use bold color game. Thus, the shape of your eyes no longer impressed too enter into.

How to correct sunken eye shapes by using the make up is:
Apply a bright eyeshadow on your eyelids, such as eyeshadow color pink, light brown, light blue, and pastel colors. Next, DAB another color eyeshadow at the outer corner eye, then blend it with eyeshadow key has been used.

Panda eyes
Sometimes women have a form of panda (panda-like), since there are areas of dark circles on the bottom of his eyes.
The black circle in the eye can be caused due to hereditary factors, age, factors, could also result, pollution, lack of sleep and stress.
How to get around the shape of the eye and the panda disguise dark circles at the bottom of the eye are:

DAB the concealer yellow color in the black under the eyes. Apply concealer just below the lower lashes, starting from the inside of the eye (part of the eye near the nose) to the outer corner of the eye. Next, blend in a light plumping way concealer with your fingers.
One thing you need to consider when using concealer is to avoid using a concealer with the way pull the skin under the eyes, as it can slowly pull the skin under your eyes. Its effect is to make the skin under the eyes so come down and arise early wrinkles under the eyes.

Cloudy eye
The white part of the eye should ideally look white and bright. But sometimes, because of a few things, the white part of the eye can be a murky yellowish. Of course it can reduce the beauty of your eyes.
When you include a murky yellowish eyes, you can perform corrective eye makeup tricks to reduce the impression of a murky yellowish on your eyes.

Correcting eye cloudy with the make up is:
Use the color blue eyeliner. Basic colors such as blue cold will help dispel the impression of a murky and yellowish on the white part of the eye. Furthermore, by using eyeliner too, make the line along the lines of the upper and lower eyelashes. With the trick, part murky on the eyes as if implied and your eyes will look more beautiful.

Asymmetric eyes (not symmetrical between the left and right eye)
Basically, in a natural form and size of both our eyes are not exactly the same and are not symmetrical (asymmetric) between the left and right eyes. However, in some people, there's the impression asimetrisnya so look so need to be disguised to make it look more fitting and proportional. For example, the left eye looks bigger than the right eye, or, the left eye looks more down than right eyes.
To disguise the impression of asymmetry on both our eyes, of course we can use corrective makeup tricks on the eyes.

How to proofread forms of asymmetric eyes with makeup:
For the eyes of asymmetrical where one eye smaller than the other eye. How to correct it to make it look more symmetrical is, use liquid eyeliner on both eyes. Start from the inside of the eye (near your nose), kept to the outer corner of the eye piece. The eyes are smaller, thicker eyeliner in order to DAB the obtained impression as large between the two eyes. Next, DAB the eyeshadows on both eyes. Use the eyeshadows on the folds of the eyelids with the darker color on the eyes, to equate the shape with a larger eye.

For the eyes of asymmetrical where one eyelid more down than the other eyelid, then the way to correct it with make up, use your eyeshadow is higher at the more eyes down. Make sure that the end result of both eyeshadow has the same height so that the resulting look more symmetrical. Or, it could also, in the eyes of the more down, use eyeliner on top eye line, starting from the point in the eyes with the eyeliner line pull of the higher towards the outer corner of the eye, so the more eyes down so look a bit up and ended up looking more symmetrical with the eyes of the other.

It could also be camouflaged and use stratagem by using false eyelashes. Use a little false eyelashes on the tip of eyes that are smaller or whose positions more down. The addition of a bit of false eyelashes in the eyes that are smaller and more down that can help make eyes look as great as the altitude the more symmetrical with the eyes of others.

That's some way corrective eye makeup tricks that you can apply to cover the deficiencies that you in the eye. May be useful.

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