Eye Makeup: 3 Tips to Make Cat Eyes with Eyeliner

Cat's eye is a classic and dramatic appearance in need of exercise before advanced it. Part of the flick, or wings, is the most difficult but most important in creating the perfect cat eye. This article will teach you some techniques and tricks to make the flick well and, with a little practice, you'll be able to master this appearance in a short time.

1. Prepare Eyelid

Choosing the right eyeliner.
Although black and liquid eyeliner is the right choice for cat's eye appearance, this type is somewhat difficult to use if you are a beginner. To get a thick line, steady and uninterrupted, try eyeliner gel type until you are familiar with the techniques. You can also use eyeliner type of felt-tip, which gives a nice control and removing the liquid liner such as markers.

  • Types of gel liner has a small possibility for melting everywhere, therefore ideal for this type of cat's eye appearance which is preferably made with clean lines.
  • If you find the used gel liner black not concentrated as you want, or you want to start practicing with the type of the liquid, you can apply the liquid liner on top of the gel while it is finished drawing the eyes of your cat.
  • If you only have a liner pencil type, make sure that the pencil is really sharp and it should be noted that the pencil will not make the line as smooth as a type of liquid or gel and would likely be slightly melted. However, if you want the appearance of a cat's eye is not too dramatic, the lines aren't too firm perhaps fitting for him.

Pull the hair back away from the face.
The wearing of eyeliner requires a steady hand and a high concentration, therefore there should not be a hair fall into your eyes and make you lap and destroy your hard work. With hair clips, tie the hair back and use Bandanas to prevent hair bother you.

DAB the eyeshadow with a matching color with the color of the skin or a little more light to the eyelid.
Powder eye makeup this will smooth the eyelid so it any easier to eyeliner applied. In addition, the eyeliner more easily attaches so that it will last a long time and will not melt or disappear.

  • Do not use the type of cream eyeshadow eyeliner because it won't stick and will be easy to remove.
  • Apply eyeshadow to the entire eyelid up to the crease below the eyebrow bone.
  • The appearance of a cat's eye look already seen dramatic without additional other makeup, so you don't have to apply a lot of eyeshadow. This appearance can look overdone if you put different colored eyeshadow. You can put a little shimmery eyeshadow, but if you target the ultra glam style, please create as you wish!

2. Mastering Flick

Find the right angle for the wings to be made.
Hold the brush parallel to the sides of the nose and twisting until it is pointing the tip of the brow You--this is the line the wing was supposed to be. You should make the wings in both eyes as possible because of the length, width and different angles will make it strange.

  • Another way to make the wings is to make it fit the line lengthened from the bottom lashes. Create the following line corner flick and you get your wings symmetrical.

Do not pull the skin as you draw the wings.
Although it feels easier to draw, when you let go of the skin and the skin returns to normal, wings that you create will look different and probably not good. Instead, try to tilt your head back slightly until you can see the eyelash line. Thus, you can see exactly what you are doing and how the wings that you create so that it doesn't get messy surprise after you draw it.

  • Make a point to indicate the end of Your wing, make sure the point is located at the corner of high and the same for both eyes.
  • It's easier to delete the point and move its position rather than redrawing the whole wing. Never complete the cat's eye on one eye and then try to create the replica to another one that has not been touched since it will be more difficult to get a similar result. Do step one by one on each eye before proceeding to the next step.

Create the line joining the point to the outer corner of your eye, then another line connecting point to the central part of the upper Eyelash line.
This line out of Your wings that will fill it later, and it will be shaped like a triangle. You should experiment a bit with the length and angle of the wing to find out what kind of appearance that is most fitting for you.

Triangular wings expresses grown-up eyes.
Thicker wings with identical retro appearance and can make your eyes look wider.
To get the-wing curved, connect the dots to the outer corner and then create a curved line from the second line which connects to the central part of the eyelids.

  • The curved shape that will lengthen the line of lashes and make your eyes bigger.
  • If your eyes are glazed, trying to create a corner with flik not too curved upward and slightly approaching the straight line. This can lengthen the eyelash line.
  • If your eyes are round, try the wings and a thicker line.
  • For a more dramatic appearance, make the point a little higher and make a long wing You to better approach the eyebrows.
  • If you have trouble connecting the dots with straight lines, try using the edge of a sticky note or a business card to guide you.

Clear the fault with the broken sticks with pointy ends.
The broken sticks can help you proofread the corners and clean lines without making it melt. Try this dip the broken sticks into the primer or eye cream and use to clean with soft eye makeup. You can use a makeup remover, but it could wipe out entire makeup and make you draw again.

3. Complete the Appearance

Picture thin line along your upper lashes, starting from the inside of the eye, near the tear duct.
Try sebak may to do so with a flexible movement and unbroken so that the line does not look rough and uneven.

  • You can let this thicken or thin lines, depending on your wishes.
  • You could try the techniques you apply meaning tightlining liner in between eyelashes and get to the eyelash line. But this is hard to do with a liquid liner and can irritate the eyes.
  • Once again, try to tilt the head backwards when you apply the liner so that you can see the eyelash line clearly.

Create a Thick line to become thicker while approaching the outer corner of the eye.
Try put a pinkie in the cheekbones to get a more stable hand making it easier to make the lines straight and flat.

  • If you use a liner type of felt-tip, hold in the middle section so that you have more control.
  • Make sure the bold lines are made in accordance with the wishes and do whatever you think is good. Make sure the lines connected to the wings.

The contents of the wing and finish with mascara.
Apply several layers to the top lashes and one layer to bottom lashes. Cat's eye appearance looks very pretty with thick eyelashes that make the eye became increasingly prominent.

  • You can clamp the eyelashes or use false eyelashes to make it more dramatic.

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