Eye Makeup skill that needs to be Understood for beginners

Eyes are an important part of the overall makeup look. How does, people will surely desire to your eye when the pool area was great as well as having a long time. To make the eyes look more "live", there are some basic skills that need to be understood eye cosmetic. Not as hard as imaginable and can be followed even by beginners!

1. make the eyebrows
This one is anyway obliged to know. To get neat eyebrows and filled in, you can use a pencil eyebrows to frame and fill in eyebrows. That is not less important, tidy up with spoolie brush. Make sure Your eyebrow hair tersisir hair growth towards the brow. In order to make eyebrows look natural, avoid drawing the inside of the box-shaped eyebrows. Puree the section using spoolie and if necessary, the image of the small lines that resemble the hair of the eyebrows to make it more natural.

2. Confound Eyeshadow
Dont want with eye makeup looks a mess? It is important to be able to confound eyeshadow properly so that the result looks flawless. Simple fact alone. You need enough two different eyeshadow colors, old colors for the crease and young for eyelid. Well, both of these colors should be frosted to look neat. Investment by having a quality brush and blending in accordance with your eyes is also important. If you already have the tool, you simply mixes the color eyeshadow by moving your hand subtly. Do repeatedly until there is a gentle tint until the line is clear when first applied eyeshadow is no longer visible.

3. Apply the Eyeliner
If still nervous about using a gel or liquid eyeliner, not anything really! Use pencil eyeliner just yet. In addition to more readily understandable, eyeliner pencils, too many of which already have no easy smudgeproof formula wear off. Don't forget to whittle a pencil eyeliner You before using it. The blunt eyeliner can make Your line drawings are too thick and less mess. If it's still Trouble, pull a little edge to your eyes using eyeliner, and create a line from the inside of your eyes slowly. Always remember to not leave spaces between the eyeliner and eyelash line by trying to do so more eye makeup tightlining maximum.

4. create curved Eyelashes
To create a curved eyelashes, you only need two things: an eyelash curler and mascara. Sometimes there is a curved eyelashes yet once clipped, and there are also the result of its grip: look ' broken '. Well, results like this that should be avoided. The duration of the pas to clamp the eyelashes is three seconds. Less than that the result is less curved and more than that the result will look broken. Remember also to clamp your lashes in more than one section so that it doesn't look broken. Starting from the roots of the lashes, pinch the middle part and also the ends of lashes.

If you are satisfied with the result, add mascara. Use a zig-zag technique so that You don't look clumpy mascara. Starting from the root, move the mascara eyelashes You from left to right and repeat hold up to the end of the lashes. So it looks curved, right?

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