Eye Makeup Tips According To The Shape Of The Eye

The eye that looks beautiful and fresh will fine-tune your appearance. This can be in a stratagem by the use of the right make up part of the eye. In addition to beautifying the eyes, make up at the eyes will make your eyes look natural.

However, to apply the eyeshadow and eyeliner, You need to recognize the shape of your eyes. The following eye makeup techniques according the shape of the eye.

Eyes In (Deep-Set Eyes)
Characteristics: eyelid look larger than the eye.
Strike young colored eyeshadow (light eyeshadow) on the eyelids and slightly older colored eyeshadow (dark eyeshadow) at the crease of the eye to enlarge the eye. Blend in with the color of the younger so that the result is more natural.

Remote (Wide-Set Eyes)
Characteristics: the distance of both eyes away each other.
Narrow the distance the eye with dark colored eyeshadow applied in the central part of the top eye line, the outside of the eye and lines the eye down. In order to make up invisible too ' heavy ', strike a young colored eyeshadow on the inner end of the eye up and down.

The Eyes Close (Close-Set Eyes)
Characteristics: the distance the two eye each other.
To give the impression of a thick on the outside of the eyes, use liquid eyeliner to make thin lines starting from the middle section of the top eye line to the outside, then blend in light eyeshadow and dark eyeshadow to make it look natural.

Sipit Eyes (Asian Eyes)
Characteristics: small form and sipit.
Smokey eyes makeup is the most appropriate for this eye shape, because it gives the effect of dilating the eye. The trick, use dark colored eyeshadow or eyeliner to make the line thicker on the entire upper eye line and fine line just on the line of the eye down. Blend it with light eyeshadow on your eyelids up so that the eyes do not look too ' heavy '.

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