Eye Makeup Tips : The Easy Way To Using Eyelashes For Beginners

Of course every woman wants to look interesting. One of them is to use false eyelashes to have beautiful eyes with natural eyelashes and tapering each day. But many women are starting to want to wear false eyelashes feel hard because sometimes the eyelashes already mounted on the eyelids and even love in spite of itself. Or lashes that are installed on both the uneven eyelids.

Rather than look pretty even thus so make an appearance the eyes you strange Ladies. So, here is the Beauty Talk would love tips for you newbies who want to wear false eyelashes properly and correctly.

1. Perfect false eyelashes Lashes.
Well lashes has many types, if for you everyday activity Beauty Talk recommend type Perfect false eyelashes Lashes because feathers are light and comfortable to wear in a long time. False eyelashes are also not too thick but still look tapering and make your beautiful eyes.

2. prepare Glue eyelashes.
A lot of Eyelash glue is sold in the stores – cosmetics stores. But you don't originally in choosing glue false eyelashes because many fake products. Well the Beauty Talk product recommend glue eyelashes Eye Putti are safe for you because it contains a formula of waterproof, durable and don't make you eyes itch.

3. Eyeliner.
You can prepare a Strong Eyeliner from the eye so that you Canmake products increasingly looks beautiful. Because the eyeliner is able to frame the eye and cover the shortage of eye shapes you.


4. Clamp the false eyelashes.
Eyelash curler tool function naturally in order to create false eyelashes you ye curved and prolific.


  • Be sure to type Perfect false eyelashes Lashes fit in size with long eyes.
  • The original curved eyelashes first using curved eyelashes before affixed false eyelashes.
  • Polishing glue false eyelashes line is Perfect Lashes. For your informations before attaching false eyelashes the most important is the original eyelashes you must not be exposed to the glue, because when you do the wrong snapping later made the original you eyelashes and make skin irritation around the eyes, Glue only attached to stripe the eye Yes Ladies.
  • Paste the Perfect false eyelashes Lashes Eyelash line on you and have to right to make it look natural. Tapering false eyelashes must also be aligned with the original eyelashes.
  • After the false eyelashes stuck to, you can apply eyeliner to frame eyes you look the more alive and beautiful.

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