Eye Makeup Tips For Getting Makeup Smokey Dramatic Eyes

Smokey eyes is one of the techniques of cosmetic eye which is very popular in the world. In addition to making the eyes look more deeply, the result is also very dramatic.

Many women who want to try this technique, unfortunately they often hesitate with the results. What if the eye so it looks like a sick person or like a person who just got tonjok? Use some of the tips below to be able to give the eye makeup smokey eyes are natural and dramatic.

Use Kohl
Kohl is one of powerful weapons to get an impression of the dark eyes and dark. So the result will not be paced in your eyes. Use an easily applied kohl pencil so it can deliver the results neatly.

Dark Colors Eyeshadow

Many people are using the black color for smokey eyes. Black is indeed necessary, but you can use other colors such as Brown, green or grey. Dim colors mixed will give a dramatic effect and subtle results.

Framing The Eyelids
Use eyeliner to form your eyelids so it appears larger. Suburban eyes framing can make your eyes look firm and sharp. Give highlights on the corner in the eyes so that the eyes seem to shine.

Winged Eye Liner
Use the winged style to make Your eyeliner look sharper. But the form this eyeliner can be adapted to the shape of your eyes. Not all eye shapes fit in with eyeliner too dived.

Use The Base Makeup
Tidy up your makeup by applying base makeup concealer on the areas of dna that is necessary. Doing this will give you results that impressed makeup is cold and clean.

Show me Your eyes using the technique of charm smokey eyes with more dramatic results. Good luck, Ladies.

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