Eye Makeup Tips For Sipit Eyes So More Beautiful

Many say if you have small eyes or wear eye shadow sipit useless due to not be visible. Try this tips, do some eye shadow so that you remain visible despite small or you eyes sipit.

But the problem is in my eyes not only the eyes but also sipit hooded eyes. And then how to do it anyway so that the eyes are hooded and sipit still could use a bold eye makeup, without having to fear the eyes look so add small?

First, when using an eyeshadow color, especially in transition apply is slightly higher than the line of the crease of the eye. When applying eyeshadow and should not turn a blind eye in full, so that we can know roughly when you later open the eyes to be visible or not color this transition.

Second, because the eye has a narrow sipit then when using eyeliner let not too thick. Try using eyeliner as thin as possible so that the color of eye shadow on lids area remains visible color.

Third, the selection of false eyelashes are also important nih, try to select the false eyelashes with wispy models, like the one I use on the photo above. Models like this will still look bold but dont make eyes look closed or objection on false eyelashes.

Fourth, avoid using black eyeliner in full on the bottom line. If you want to use only a quarter away from the eyes of most lines outside. On the inside use eyeliner or eyeshadow with silver or gold color that is a pale,

Fifth, this is quite helpful to make my eyes dont disappear when using the bold eye makeup that is to use colored contact lenses. Choose contact lenses in gray or blue to make eyes look open.

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