Eye Makeup Tips On How To Use An Eyeshadow That is Natural and True

Use makeup to women is mandatory everyday, especially the make up part of the eye. This is because the eyes became one of the first times in the view. However, many women are not aware of the type and color of the Peel as well as how to use an eyeshadow that is natural and true. Currently the eye shadow is available in a variety of colors.

Thick or thin the staining can be adjusted with the concept of the event to be attended. If you will be attending the event not so official and during the day, you can use natural colors and also thin in the application. However, if you will be attending the official events in the evening, then you could use brighter colors and bold in the application.

The following are tips on using eye shadow that is natural and true:

The selection brush

To get the strokes eye shadow is more evenly distributed and the maximum, you can also choose eye shadow brushes made of animal fur. Avoid the use of synthetic brushes because it cannot be optimally color mixes. Use a dry brush for a natural look, and use the brush moist if you want to get sharper color results.

Use concealer

Concealer is used to lock the color of eye shadow that you use so as not to fade or change color. So before you wipe on eye shadow, use a concealer beforehand. Concealer can also be used to flatten the color of the petals darker eyes.

Apply eye shadow

The selection of color eye shadow be tailored to the needs of the event you are going to visit. You can use eye shadow with shades of pink, peach and Brown also for the purposes of the show on considered the day or go to the Office. If you want to come to a party at night, you can use colorful or black gradation.

Any color eye shadow that you will use, it would be nice if you know the tips on using natural eyeshadow and correct the following:

  • At the crease of the eye, use a color that young or light. Apply using a sponge brush or a small eye shadow.
  • On the central part of the eye, use the color medium. You can also combine multiple colors into one using a brush that is larger. It aims to eliminate the line dividing the color of eye shadow is easy with the medium.
  • On the outside of the eyes with eye shadow, use a darker color. It aims to create a virtual contours more visible. You can mengusapkan use a smaller brush.
  • In the section, use the eyebrow bone eye shadow with young. The color of this young will give the impression of tidy on your brow bone and part of the eyebrows look more prominent.

Good luck with your tips on using natural eye shadow and right above it.

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