Eye Makeup Tips With Pink Color On Smokey Eyes

Eyes can talk and show Your personality or mood. Dramatic eye makeup can also make someone's gaze seemed more alive. One of the most eye makeup much sought after is the smokey eyes. But most of smokey eyes usually use dark color and warm. For example, copper or black color. Not everyone likes this color because it makes their eyes appear to be too bold. Well, how about replacing it with using the color pink?

Why not? Pink is the color which is always vibrant, soft and pinkish in color. Suitable for you who want to accentuate the beauty of the eye without making it garish or too bold. Well, here is the Vemale will give you some easy steps so that your eyes can seem pretty with pink smokey eyes.

Tips and tricks

  • After cleaning, use a facial moisturizer. for the area of the eye, you can wear eye primer or eye base makeup. How this helps accentuate the color of eyeshadow. Let some time.

  • You can use the black gel eyeliner or kohl pencil to make the frame the eyes as in the picture. The pattern frame makes the eyes you do not need to use many eyeshadow to create a darker tint.
  • Choose a soft brown color, use the color mixes to frame your eyes so it looks more natural. Brown could reduce the effects of thickness on your eyes.
  • After everything terblending properly, when filling the middle part of the eyelids with the color pink. Select the color pink with shimmering for results that are more beautiful and sparkling, don't be afraid because the color combinations garish pink and brown color will make your eye makeup looks more warm.
  • Lastly, use tan brown color again to smooth gradations of pink color and frame the eyes. If you want to reaffirm Your eyes frame back, use a dark color of eyeshadow. If You want you can use a white pencil or shimmering white outlines to frame eyes eyepencil down to the corner of the eye in.
  • Don't forget the flops and give your lashes mascara. Now your pretty eyes ready to perform in the event that you will attend.

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