Eye Makeup Tutorial Create "Cat Eyes Eyeliner" For All Types Of Eye

Create a cat eye is a challenge because of the same line is not necessarily suitable for everyone. The secret? Recognize the shape of the eye of each. All you need is to follow the instructions below and practicing a lot.

If the shape of your eye is divided into several categories, there are techniques that combine to create a cat eye specially suitable for any type of eye

Eyes Down

cat's eye is perfect with this eye shape. The trick is to find the ideal point to start from one end of the eyeliner. Then connect with the line from end to end. With the tip of this triangle look like, the eyes are visible elevated

Eye ride

The eyes of an already formed such as cat eye is very pretty and it will always fit in with eyeliner. Spare a little eyeliner line because if not, then the lower part of the eye will appear larger than the upper part. Keep its line in order to stay thin, follow the shape of the eyes, and slightly sharp at the tail.

Hooded lids

It appears that will not be useful to try to make the line firmly in the eyelids cover eyes with natural. Luckily, the cat eye focused only on the outside of the eye and that's the point of you should focus on. Create a line following the lashes but don't be afraid to lengthen and raise the other end of the line.

Mono eyelid

cat eye used correctly can increase the impression of dramatic beauty and eyelid in mono. The line that is created must be very thick in order to be visible when the eyes are open.

Prominent eyes

With the wrong makeup, eyes that have large eyes and folds is thick it will look like a swollen eye. Draw the eye paint thick in big folds it and don't be afraid to wear eye shadow above and below the eyes to give the effect of smoke.

Deep set eyes

The eyes will look smaller with the cat eye but can be overcome with eye shadow. Keep cat eye remains thin eyelashes to make the eye folds the top appears to be full, and use an eye shadow that is darker at the bottom of the eye to balancing the good eye folds at the top or at the bottom of the eye.

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