Eye Makeup Tutorial: Dramatic Purple Smokey Eyes Makeup

For those of you who have small eyes forms often feel less confident with the eye highlight impressed less sharp. Don't worry, use tips with the proper makeup techniques.

Electric Blue Eyeshadow with smokey eyes makeup techniques into the right option to make highlight the eyes look larger and sharper. Eye makeup style this one can also be an option to accompany your partying or dating. Dramatic and glamorous impression will be radiated to the maximum. Good luck!

Stages Eye Makeup Tutorial: Dramatic Purple Smokey Eyes Makeup

  • Use cream eyeshadow base white with gloss effect. Blend it with fingers until blended.
  • Prepare the colored eyeshadow off-white, light brown, shiny electric purple, taupe, Brown and black.
  • Apply in advance electric purple eyeshadow, blend it with a brush the outside of the eyeshadows so formed dramatic shadows.
  • Combine light brown eyeshadow on the upper eyelid.
  • Apply colored off-white eyeshadow on brow bone.
  • Add old Brown eyeshadow on the eyelids and outer corner of the eye.
  • In order to highlight the eyes look more dramatic, the DAB is also an old Brown eyeshadow on the eyelids and outer corner of the eye.
  • Refine your mix with dramatic effect brushes to make it look smoother.
  • Add the taupe-colored shiny eyeshadow on the middle part of the eyelids to make it look more dramatic.
  • Then, the shape of the line using the flat brush eyeliner.
  • Clamp the eyelashes to look excellent and easily apply mascara. Then apply false eyelashes so that glance of the eye look more curved.
  • Add eye corrector and concealer at the area spy pouch to disguise a rather turn dark eye area.
  • In order to survive long apply compact powder on areas face up to the neck.
  • Add the gel eyeliner and purple eyeshadow and shiny taupe on the ends of the bottom eyelids.
  • Apply the bronzer, contour, and highlights so that the face looks tyre.
  • Add blusher pink hue so that the face looks fresh.
  • For daytime DAB lipstick nude-colored or orange. As for the night pulaskan purple lipstick with a glossy effect.

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