Eye Makeup Tutorial For Beginners

Look beautiful and perfect is a must for women. To support all aspects of appearance must look perfect, starting from the clothes, the look hair and facial appearance is no exception that includes the eyes, lips, cheeks, and others. Talking about the eye, the eye is the most important part of our face. For it to maintain the beauty and the beauty of the eyes is a thing that needs to be done. How that could be done to beautify the eyes by applying make up.

Yes, talk about eye makeup is certainly not a stranger to the women. When attending a specific event or just a day-to-day women always wear eye makeup. However, although the eye make-up is closely associated with women, but still there are some people who still feel difficulty in wearing eye makeup. The difficulty usually comes from people who are still beginners or recently started wearing make up.

Usually the eye makeup is suitable for beginners or people who are not yet accustomed to using eye make up namely eye makeup simple. Because a simple eye makeup will not give effect menor or excessive because it will make our eyes look more natural. Well, below is a tutorial on eye makeup for beginners. Where before applying you must set up the necessary tools and materials.

Tools and materials needed

  • Cream colored eyeshadow
  • Brown eyeshadow or bright color of approaching skin
  • Dark brown colored eyeshadow
  • Large-sized eyeshadow Brus
  • Brus-sized eyeshadow
  • Small-sized eyeshadow Brus
  • Eyeliner
  • Mascara

When these materials are already prepared, then you can continue on to the steps below.

Eye makeup tutorial for beginners
1. The first step to this natural eyeshadow wear namely, colored eyeshadow cream apply as the basis for eyelid and on the entire upper eyelid evenly using a medium-sized brush.

2. the next Ledge that is, apply eyeshadow or bright brown color skin on bones your eyes above the eyelid using a large brush special for eyeshadow evenly.

3. then, rapihkan eyeshadow on the sis your eyes by using a small brush. This will make it easier for you to apply eyeliner ketikika.

4. then, rapihkan eyeshadow on the sides of your eyes by using a small brush. This will make it easier for you when applying eyeliner.

5. then, apply dark brown colored eyeshadow on the outer corner of your eyes using a medium-sized brush.

6. the last Step, namely, in order that the eye has more vivid impression then apply Brown eyeshadow back these old eyes on the ends of the bottom. Pull the line from the outside towards the inside to some wide from your eyes. Then apply some eyeliner. For beginners it is expected not to wear eyeliner because it feared that the liquid because yan unfamiliar instead would be untidy. After your new eyeliner, apply black mascara.

That's her eye makeup tutorial for beginners. Although it looks simple but you'll still look more beautiful and interesting and your eyes will look more fresh. Good luck.

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