Eye Makeup Tutorial On Eyes That Have No Petals

Often there is a description of "mix fluid around the eyelids in the makeup tutorial". But if there were no eyelids? How? Fortunately, there are lots of grooming tutorials that can be practiced for monolid eye, non-discriminating, and keep you going.

1. Buy the Right Eyelash Curler
As a first step, try buying an eyelash curler that is not too bent (more straight) on the base. This will be more appropriate when placed in the lash line (which is usually more straight) and scoop all the eyelashes flat.

2. Curling from Basic to Edge
Usually monolid owners tend to have straight hairy eyelashes, so in addition to buying the right curler, the next step that should be improved is the usage technique. Instead of directly pressing the curler in the middle, starting from pressing the tool at the base for a few seconds, then move the middle, and end at the end of the lashes.

3. Apply Gradual Eye Shadow
The darkest color should be applied along the lash line, followed by the second darkest along the center of the eyelid and the finishing touches, the brightest color just below the brow bone. The effect is to make the eyes wider and create additional dimensions in the petals region.

4. Chubby Eye Crayons is a Mainstay Weapon
Especially if again hurry (just have 2 minutes), use chubby eye pencil with dark color, coppery brown along the lash line and smooth with fingertips to add dimension.

5. Forget Bottom Liner
Not only does it look like a sticky crust, it also reduces eye size. Recommended to let the bottom of the lash line free of makeup. However, if you want a more dramatic makeup (eg to attend the evening show), try to keep the color in the one-third of the eye so that its smokiness effect does not look creepy.

6. Tidy eyebrows
Without the creases, the monolitic eye will make the area around it stand out and attract attention. So make sure your eyebrows are neat.

7. Take advantage of Monolid's "Gain"
Who says monolid eyes are not on the bright side? Having this kind of eye means you have more roomy eyelid space to experiment with makeup. Playing around with blue? Can, just need to add eye liner or shadow just above the liner usually. And of course, it can easily mimic the trend of glossy lid look because of the possibility of a small creased liquid.

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