Follow Tips So That Equipment Eye Makeup doesn't Trigger Irritation In The Eyes

Eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara can make your eyes look more beautiful. However, you need to be careful because this could make up equipment-can harm vision if its use does not comply with the Ordinance.

In fact, eye cosmetic equipment generally safe used as long as it is used with a code of conduct. Gradually, it does not cover the possibility of mold and bacteria can grow on the packaging of cosmetic equipment. If you are neglecting to clean the rest of the makeup, you're allowing the transfer of various bacteria and fungi into the eye.

So your eyes can look beautiful at the same time stay healthy, there are some tips in using special equipment make up the eyes. Here's how that can be followed:


  • Make it a habit to wash hands before wearing the equipment make up for eyes.
  • If you are having eye irritation, infection, or red eyes, don't wear eye makeup to avoid severe eye condition gets worse.
  • Try to avoid using eyeliner containing kohl. Kohl eyeliner sometimes contain excessive levels of lead.
  • Avoid water on the dried mascara, let alone wear it. Replace mascara when it is dry. Although not dry you should still replace mascara and other makeup tools every 2-4 months. You are also advised to take note of the date when it first opened the packaging mascara. His goal was to know when to throw away the mascara when passing the time expired.
  • Eyeshadow and appliances make up for eyes other types may contain mercury as a preservative. Food and drug watchdog agency limiting the use of 1 ppm in the equipment make up as the boundary secure. Always choose cosmetics that have clear security.
  • Avoid wearing make up equipment on the eyes when you're on the vehicle. Instability of motion of the vehicle or vehicles that stopped suddenly can make equipment make up injuring the eye.
  • Make sure you wear makeup in the eyes of the outside. Avoid wearing makeup in the eyes of the inside to avoid the occurrence of contamination due to make up.
  • Replace or clean the sponge and brush the dressing on a regular basis to ensure you have a clean dressing equipment.
  • Specify the use of a tool Dresser only to one part of the face. The intent is to minimize the spread of bacteria from one part of the face to face the other. In addition, follow the appropriate procedures in the usage of the package.
  • Avoid storing equipment make up for eyes in place of the high-temperature, such as in a car. If you like take a bath with hot water, then heat accumulated in the bathroom could be bad as well as make up.
  • Never share eye make up for equipment with friends because of the risk of transmitting the bacteria.
  • Avoid wearing make-up equipment containing glitter, colorful, and have a gloss. Materials supporting those types of makeup that might irritate the eyes, can even scratch the eye.
  • If you wear contact lenses, then wearing makeup for the eyes have to be more careful because the eye using contact lenses can be more sensitive to experience irritation.
  • Make sure you clean the face and eyes of make up, each time going to sleep at night.

In essence, the equipment make up for eyes generally contain ingredients that are safe. The most important is to use it well and true.

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