Go To a Party? The Right Time To Use The Dramatic Eye Makeup Styles

Although natural makeup style is pretty much frowned upon but dramatic makeup style also you can make a choice. Especially if you will be attending a specific event such as a party.

To dramatic makeup, essentially the same as his base makeup, which is simply to distinguish the eye makeup and lip. So in makeup this time will focus more on the shading to the eyes.

The First Points

Because you will be wearing glitter, start by giving a concealer on the areas of the eyes as basenya so that the glitter can be attached later. Then lightly coat again using cremy beige eyeshadow so that the shade will you use cling longer.

The Second Point

Take the soft brown eyeshadow to give initial layer on the eyelids. Continue with Carbon shade to create a winged eye subtly. Because the goal is produce the smokey eyes, then winged liner doesn't need to be too sharp and apply this shade to the eye the bottom line as well.

The Third Points

To outline the eyes, use pencil liner to line the eyes up and down. Then give it a little touch of Carbon shade in the eye the bottom line to look smooth and smokey.

Four Points

Take the Rice Paper shade to color eyelid part that hasn't been polished. Do thin-thin just below the brow bone. After that give glitter gold color.

The fifth point

Apply eyeliner on the top layer air-glitter to clarify. In order to make smokey eyes increasingly smooth, apply more Carbon into the shade the eyes of the outside to create a gentle wing. Don't forget to attach fake eyelashes.

The sixth point

After that continue with give foundation and concealer in the face by using the beauty blender. As usual to create a three dimensional impression on makeup, do also contouring along the cheekbones.

Seven points

To start with lipliner lipstick color dark red then fill with red matte lipstick. So that the contour of the lips do not look stiff, use a lip liner dark colors to create shadow effects.

The eighth point

Attach the tissue on the lips and then create a layer with a shimmery lipgloss.

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