Here's A Tutorial How To Cat Eye Makeup

On this occasion back will give you tips and the latest still way around with eye makeup, namely, cosmetic make up tutorial how cat's eye or often called cat eye. Basically a great many types of cosmetic eye that you may already know it, but one type of cat eye is arguably more unique and can also make an impression on your sharp eye especially when you chat with other people.

Spotlight on eye make up with cat eye can give the impression of firmly on their use and also for any speaking opponents will sometimes feel more serious even though the topic of conversation among you not too serious, too. To get good results for cat's eye make up a recurring need to practice and indirectly so instantly let alone with its own tagan. Therefore, below are some tips on how to get a great cat eye makeup as well as a tutorial on how to cat's eye cosmetic with the hand alone.

1. Election of Eyeliner
First choose the type of eyeliner that has a fairly high resilience as it does not fade or ceramics by water, eye liner types waterpoof is kind of eyeliner which is resistant to water. By using the type of the cat eye makeup eyeliner you can last until the evening. And most important of all is that eyeliner select suitable and convenient at the time used by you. Although the above mentioned have to use eyeliner type waterpoof but if you don't fit in with the eyeliner type select the type of the eyeliner.

2. Cosmetic Eyes
For this one you start drawing or building the Foundation in part of your eyes. I.e. first close your eyes and draw a line along the edges of your eyelids, then make a rather thin lines in the corners of the eye near the nose or the outermost corners and lines that are increasingly thickened in the middle. After that, open your eyes, and you can see the lashes will look more striking and sexy impression on your eyes.

3. The length of the Short Tail of the Cat Eye
After creating a line that makes your eyes like the eyes of a cat, now you must determine the length of his short tail on the outer eye corner. The first line that you created earlier is already tacked again using eyeliner, but before you give the point where how long tail of the cat eye. For a natural look on your cat eye makeup tail length should not exceed the length of the tip of the eyebrow. And lastly make sure the length of the tail left and right eyes are the same size.

So last few tips how to get makeup riasa cat's eye or eye cat is nice and fits with your eyes. For those of you who are still confused by the above way below there is a video tutorial on how to create a cat's eye or cat eye with his own.

Maybe that last several tips and tutorials how to make cat eyes makeup make up with his own hands, as already described in several articles that the beauty of woman can be more visible to the outside when the face or the face with makeup pretty and Nice. In addition the makeup or the makeup of a woman could give the identity of the woman or the man how how nature, therefore not excessive makeup and to taste is one way apply makeup that is highly recommended for you the ladies.

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