How Eye Makeup Based On The Shape Of The Eye

Eye makeup do not carelessly! You also need to look at the shape of your eyes, ladies! When the eye Makeup, as women usually tend to equate makeup without looking at the shape of the eye. Whereas, if you form in accordance with the form of eye makeup, it can make your eyes look more fresh and sparkling though when in fact you ran out staying out all day working on the task.

The shape of each person's eye is indeed different. The shape of the round eyes, sipit, down or up. Whatever the shape of your eyes, don't forget to adjust the eye makeup that is applied to the more charming. Still do not know how the right makeup for your eyes? Well, here's the right eye makeup tips fit shape!

The form of Marsupial's eye or Hooded Eyes
Hooded eyes is a form that looks like a sleepy or impressed more fierce. The right makeup for your eye shape makeup is to give the impression of more open eyes and uplifted.

It is important to apply the eye primer first before the eye Makeup. Young colored eyeshadows blend in at the eyelid then pulaskan eyeshadow with the darker color in the crease of the eye section until approaching the bony eyebrows and avoid using eyeshadow with shimmering.

Use black eyeliner to create the cat's eye or wing. Add a white eyeliner at the bottom eyelashes line so that your eyes look more open. To display daily, you can form the following lines of eyeliner eyes.

The shape of the eye down or Downturned Eyes
Characteristics of the shape of the eye down the side i.e. downturned corners or outer eye located below the corner of the eye within the eye or looking like a downhill. The shape of the eye down also gave the impression of a sad and eyes glazed with so, in painterly eye makeup can certainly not indiscriminate.

Apply eyeshadow with a brighter color to the entire eyelid. After that, apply the darker eyeshadow from the middle part of the eyelid to the outer tip of the eye. Then blend it a little in order to impress the more natural. For events in the evenings, you can also use shimmering eyeshadow.

To form eyes downturned, cat eyeliner eye also be the right choice. However, wear eyeliner only from the central part to the tip of eyes only.

The shape of the eye of round or Round Eyes
Types of eye this one as its name suggests, spherical-shaped with long and wide eyes that almost the same. The right makeup, namely:

Eye of round or round eyes is a beautiful eye shape. To make it more charming, wear light colors eyeshadow in the corner in the eyes and just below the brow bone. Then blend in the darker eyeshadow along the eyelid. After that, use a darker color again and then pulaskan from the outside of the eye to the central part of the eye to create shadow effects so that the eyelids are more prominent.

Eyeliner form wing you can apply on your eyes are round. However, avoid scraping the line too thick in the middle part of Yes. You could also lho using bright color eyeliner to look more bold. But, do not forget to adjust with the clothing worn Yes.

The shape of the eye is Angled or Upturned Eyes
The shape of the eye of this one is the antithesis of the shape of the eye down or downturned. With the end of the outside of the inside, it's the makeup that you can try!

Blend in with the colors of eyeshadow that was dark enough around the eyelids and then add a color that is darker than the outer tip of the eye to the central part of the eye. Pulaskan dark color eyeshadow on the lower ends of the outside of the eye to give the impression of eyes look proportionate.

Apply eyeliner at the bottom end of the outer eyes are thin. For a more glamorous appearance you could also add dark shimmer at the ends of the eye or so symmetrical you could add the eyeliner from the bottom middle of the eye.

Monolid Eyes or Sipit Eyes

Sipit eyes is eyes with single eyelids. For you who have this eye shape, follow the following tips!

Apply eyeshadow to the entire eyelid and also the bottom of the eye and then blend it to make it look more unified and equitable. After that, add the eyeshadow that is darker than the outer corners of your eyes to the corners in. You can apply eye makeup bergliter to line the bottom of the eye.

In order to make your eyes look wide, use the eyeliner with a thin shape inside and out at the end to thicken your sight. If you want a more natural makeup, you can form a thin line following the line of your eyes and the shape of the line declined at the end of the outside. As another option, you could give the eyeliner at the bottom of the eye are slim.

Almond Eyes
This is a type of eye shapes form the eyes of the most widely owned by the people. Almond eyes are almost similar to the type of eyes upturned eyes. When you have the kind of almond eyes, the size of the nose and the shape of your face also affects how the appearance of your eyes.

Light colors can help give the illusion to your eyes by making it brighter. Mid tone colors can help shape your eyes sharp. For everyday appearance, you can provide bright colours to the eyelids, if you want to make your eyes look clear blend in a medium color to the outside of the eyelid and then use a darker color to blend it into the top and bottom of the eye.

You can use eyeliner to emphasize the shape of the eye. Apply eyeliner on the top in the Middle, lashes outwards. Make sure you menyapukannya the thicker towards the outer tip of the eye. If you wish to form your eyes appear more round, don't use eyeliner on the tip of eyes. Stop when it has reached the end of the eye. If you want your eyes look bigger, use an eye only on the upper part of the eye.

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