How To Choose Eyeshadow To Eye Makeup

The eyes are the focal point of your face. Make sure that the techniques and choice of colors Your Eye makeup that is most flattering for your eye shape and color. With eye color, you can create the illusion of new shapes and sizes. Always remember that light colors make the eyes look prominent and dark colors makes eyes look smaller.

A highly pigmented Eye Shadow means the colors are visible on the container is what will be seen in your eyes.

When wearing eyeshadow, colored eyeshadow brightest sweep across the area from Eyelash line to brow. This eyeshadow color will be the color of your base and is such a foundation for your eyes. This will keep your color and prevent the folds/wrinkles look.

Use Foundation on the face and eyelids, so that more eyeshadows blend. After you put the base color, medium color to wear on the bottom eyelid. This is the part of the eye that most women use the eyeshadows. Blend in with the color of Your base eyeshadow.

Third color can be added later. Use a thick and dark color to create depth. Wear this eyeshadow along the eyelash line, and on the outer corner of the eye, the eye and the bone flap emphasize the eyebrows. Blend it well. This is Your accent color and if used can make the eyes more clearly.

How do you apply the color contours can help the eyes look bigger, smaller, more widening or more close together. The key is to confound so well that attention was still fixed on your eyes, not your eye makeup.

Eyeshadow is made up of various kinds, that is Eyeshadow powder, cream/cream eyeshadow, eyeshadow and stick

Eyeshadow powder can be used for wet or dry. You can moisten the brush to make your own liquid eyeliner. Wetting powder eyeshadow to make color more intense.

For eye shadow that looks newly installed but it's been hours, wear cream to eyeshadow base, then use an eyeshadow with a neutral color or colors that most approaches the color of your skin. The process of paste powder eyeshadows in this cream will create long lasting eyeshadow base.

Cream eyeshadow color can be used as a single or as a duo. Eyeshadow cream can be used in conjunction with eyeshadow powder, that is eyeshadow from the base of the powder with color matched to the color locked. Wearing a cream eyeshadow is best is to use the tip of a finger.

Type of eyeshadow that is eyeshadow stick, shaped like a stick or crayon. This type of eyeshadow is only used on the crease of the eye, is affixed in full on the crease of the eye or a strip just above the eyelash line.

Tips On Choosing Eyeshadow To Eye Makeup

  • On days when you're really pressed for time, you can use a basic color for the eye and then straight to wear mascara and you're done.
  • When applying eyeshadow to eye crease, keep so keep your eyes open and slightly tilt your head backward. This will allow you to better see the form you create and allow eyeshadow to go into the fold.
  • For the more mature colors, just use a little colour alone.
  • If you have swollen eyelids, do not use colorful eyeshadow or bright cold color or white. Use more soft colors and matte.
  • Customize the color of your lipstick color Eyeshadow to solidify the impression that you want to view. Choose the color of the lipstick fits your skin tone.
  • On coloring of the eyes, you can let your creative side play. Play with color in accordance with the clothes you wear and wear make up in accordance with the event and where you are headed. Good luck.

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