How To Eye Makeup Look Like Barbie Natural

How to make natural barbie like eyes it could easily be you should be at home. Who is not familiar with the beauty of barbie. His face is gorgeous, cute, seductive at the same time makes almost every woman wants to look it seems.

Well for you who want to appear different from everyday life, can the tablets try makeup Barbie style. It's easy and tools make up required was not much. The following steps make up to look bak Barbie that you can follow:

Eye Makeup
Barbie is famous with his eyes, and round. For that you need a large diameter contact lenses as a support to get the makeup Barbie style.

To make up this Barbie-style eyes you could use the technique of smokey eyes. Could use a black eyeliner or navy. Then as a final touch put false eyelashes.

Face Makeup
To get a smooth face a la Barbie you can use concealer. Then use the foundation with a good coverage. The following steps make up the entire face a la Barbie:

  • Start with a clean face
  • Then use the makeup base that sparkles because one of the hallmark barbie sparkling skin nan is tempting.
  • Use foundation as a makeup base.
  • Use concelaer at the bottom of the nose using a brush. Apply the concelaer to form the letter C, You can also use concelaer under eyes to cover the eyes of panda.
  • The silhouette forms in regions of the nose and eyes with how to use eyebrow powder or colored eyeshadow darker than skin color.
  • Makeup for eyebrows, you can adjust the color pencil eyebrows with hair color.
  • For the cheek area you can use pink blush on the creature. Not just on the cheeks but also on the nose, down the nose and Chin
  • As for the lip you can use the first lipstick in the central part of the lip. Then use lip liner was younger than lipstick. Last apply lipgloss.

The History Of Barbie Dolls
Barbie doll itself has been around since the year 1959. And when it was first launched successfully sold up to a million Barbie! A high level of body posture, her face is gorgeous and cute Barbie make not only as a toy but also Idol girls.

The first idea "birth" Barbie comes from Ruth Handler, co-founder of Mattel Toys. Ruth when her little daughter mengatami was often played with two-dimensional paper dolls. Until finally at the end of the 1950s, the replica baby doll appears in the toy stores.

That's when Ruth was inspired to produce the doll that not only shaped baby doll-shaped figures but remaha dressed in fashionable. However, when Ruth convey this idea on the husband and the directors of Mattel, they disagree with the "birth" of Barbie. They maintain producing Barbie dolls will cost large and prospeknya are not good.

Ruth is not concerned with their responses until Ruth's visit to Switzerland. In Switzerland, Ruth finds Germany doll named Lili the pretty girl-shaped and made of hard plastic complete with shoes and earrings also long hair tied in a ponytail.

Lili proved to be designed based on the cartoon the famous Germany, Bild. These dolls are tersediadalam of size 11 ½ inches high and 7 inches wide. Ruth-inspired doll Lily is increasingly convinced of his intention to make Barbie. On his return to the Americas Ruth ever persuade and convince the husband as well as the Board of Directors of Mattel to embody the idea in making Barbie.

Constancy Ruth managed to finally "born" Barbie in the form of a beautiful young girl with feet high and have a level of 11.5 inches. Barbie herself taken from Ruth's daughter's nickname, that Barbara. The doll was launched on 9 March 1959 at the American Toy Fair in New York. Starting from that moment that the popularity of Barbie is unstoppable.

For those of you who want to appear different as usual, then how to make natural barbie eyes like this could be an option. Good luck.

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