How to use Eye Shadow correctly to Obtain Beauty Maximum

In addition to the eyeliner, another cosmetic equipment can enhance your eye is the eye shadow. However, if examined how to use eye shadow is actually more simple than the eyeliner. It's just that you have to use special tricks in order to make this eye shadow can seem perfect to beautify Your eyes.

On this occasion, Bacaterus will give you a guide to using the eye shadow for beginners. Tips on using eye shadow right here will teach you to cosmetic eyes cosmetic natural, to suit the shape of your eyes. Curious? Yuk, simply find out more information here.

1. Clean your Eyelids First
Before you learn how to use eye shadow correctly, we recommend that you clean your eyelids first. The eyelids are sweaty and dirty make eye shadow could not attach to its full potential.

Clean eyelids with facial wash with SOAP way. If not you can not wash your face with clean water and SOAP, then use a cleanser and toner to clean eyelids. After that, dry eyelids with a tissue or towel dry.

2. Apply Foundation/Concealer
It is very important for applying foundation or concealer on eyelids before you begin to apply the eye shadow. Foundation and concealer is helpful to lock the eye shadow to be attached perfectly and not easily wear off.

Concealer can also flatten the color the eyelids look darker. However, try to use foundation and concealer in the form of liquid or cream, avoid foundation shaped powder because eyelid skin which has a thinner skin than in other areas. Foundation powder is also not make eye shadow attached to perfectly.

3. Select the right Brush
A brush is a tool for applying eye shadow on eyes. To obtain maximum results-looking finish, select the right brush. Bacaterus strongly recommend that you choose a brush made from fur, because in addition to the finer texture of the brush of this type can be the killing of eye shadow in more evenly.

Avoid the use of synthetic brushes, brush types because it cannot combine 2 or 3 colors properly. If you want the killing of the natural eye shadow, use a dry brush. However, if you want to sweep results eye shadow looks sharper then dampen the brush before use.

4. Basic Tricks Using Eye Shadow
For beginners who are just learning to use eye shadow, in fact how to use eye shadow in the basis is not difficult. First, apply it with a brush eye shadow on your eyelids that is closest to the nose, then you could be killing the brush into the middle section until the end of the eyelids.

While you apply the eye shadow, you have to turn a blind eye so that the powder eye shadow does not get into the eyes. If you are using the eye shadow on the eyelids part right, then close the right eye and the view by using the left eye only.

5. How to use Eye Shadow 2 Color
The trend of using two different eye shadow colors are indeed already existed long ago. How to blend eye shadow color is actually quite easy, including for the beginner. First, apply the eye shadow with light colors are natural at the crease of the eye by using a brush or a sponge small eye shadow.

After that, select eye shadow with a dark color that seemed to match eye shadow with light colors that you have used. If you feel the second color of eye shadow is less flashy, you can layer it again according to the color of eye shadow that you already use before.

6. How to use Eye Shadow 3 Color
Today, the trend of mixing 3 color eye shadow is indeed being very popular. The combination of 3 different colors of eye shadow it can support your appearance while attending a party, a formal event, etc. How to wear eye shadow 3 color apply eye shadow is with a soft natural colours in the crease of the eye using a brush or a sponge small eye shadow.

Next, use eye shadow with color medium (you could mix 2 different colors on one brush) in the central part of the eye wear larger sized brushes. Last, apply dark eye shadow on the outside of the eye using a small brush so that the eye contour can look more prominent.

7. How to use Eye Shadow on the sunken Eyes
The owner of the sunken eyes are strongly encouraged to choose eye shadow with a bright color. The reason, a light colored eye shadow will make the eye becomes visible.

The trick of using the eye shadow on the sunken eye is killing it with light colored eye shadow in the corner in the eyelid up to the outside of the eye. Then, to add a more dramatic makeup effects add dark-colored eye shadow in the corner of the tail of the eyelid only. Combine eye shadow color of dark and light it with the second anointing this color to the top.

8. How to use Eye Shadow on Eyes Wide
It has wide eyes that means You should be careful in choosing the color of eye shadow. Because if you select a color, then the eye becomes visible.

How to use eye shadow on the owner's wide eyes is with the killing of the dark-colored eye shadow out of the corner up to the middle part of the eyelid. Continue with the killing of the light colored eye shadow from the central part to the corner in the eyelids. The point of blending the two colors of eye shadow is situated in the central part of the eyelid.

9. How to use Eye Shadow on Eyes Glazed
Eyes glazed congenital or caused due to lack of sleep or fatigue can be seem fresher with sweeping eye shadow.

Tips on creating a glazed eye look more fresh by using the eye shadow is to first apply eyeliner. Then, blending eye shadow color is light and darkness at the two-thirds of the eye. To make the display more fresh eyes add false eyelashes are a little thick.

10. How to use Eye Shadow on Asian Eyes
Here is how to wear eye shadow on eyes Asian women who tend to sipit. How to make eyes look bigger is to create a thick line at the upper eyelid with eyeliner.

Apply eye shadow with light colors and blending with other light colors properly. Add mascara on the lashes so that the eyes look bigger.

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