How To Use Eyeliner Eye Makeup For Big Eyes

How to use eyeliner to large eyes are certainly different from the small eyes, eyes down, and other types of eye shapes. Big eye itself is often made into a shortage for its owners. Whereas large eyes have excess tables, because it can make you a more attractive appearance and assertive.

Tips on using Eyeliner to large eyes

For you the owner of the large eyes and want to use eyeliner so happy lah! Large eyes can easily play around with different makeup. Big eye also suitable with all forms, be it cat eyeliner eye to use eyeliner in thick or thin.

If you are confident with large eyes, then you could make a cat eye or apply eyeliner with a thick. One thing to note if you decide to make the cat eye is minimize the other make up. try to reveal makeup on eyes, and wear blush-on lipstick also with neutral colors.

Well for those of you who are not confident with a big form, then it could apply just a thin eyeliner. You could also give the line on the bottom and top of the eye so that the shape of the eyes look smaller. If you choose to make a thin eyeliner, then choose the color of the lipstick and blush-on with bold, like red.

Then what about the other forms of eye? The following tips to use eyeliner to eye other forms:

Eyes Down
Also called with eyes glazed. You the owner's eyes glazed must be smart in choosing eye makeup so that the eyes look "up."

You can apply eyeliner with the pull of the line leading to the top. This technique can make eyes glazed turns into a more decisive and incisive.

Round Eyes
Almost the same as the owner of the large eyes, round eyes is obliged to give thanks! Because the owner form round eyes match using all forms of eyeliner.

If you want to get the perfect eye shape then can apply the eyeliner with a thickness of thin to moderate in the upper and lower eyelids. Different if you want to give the effect of length on the eye round you, then pull the long line as the wings towards the outside of the eyelid.

Sipit Eyes
The condition of the eye forms sipit which has no folds on this eye can diakali with eyeliner loh. You can apply the eyeliner directly above the eyelashes.
Then choose also light color eyeliner like light brown. The color of the bright eyeliner can make you eyes look sharper.

Eyeliner itself consists of various types. Each type has a different function of the eyeliner. Want to know what are the types and their functions?

Eyeliner Pencils
This type of eyeliner the most easy to use and suitable for beginners. In addition to easy, you can also use it to quickly. When you use an eyeliner pencil, makeup will look more natural.
In addition can be used for eyes, eyeliner pencils are also suitable as a base before using other types of eyeliner.

Eyeliner Pen/Marker
Eyeliner is also easy to use. Tapered brush shape and is often used to form the cat eye. Eyeliner pen or marker is present in various forms of brushes that can be customized to your needs.

Liquid Eyeliner
This type of eyeliner the most sought-after women. For those of you who are already expert in using eyeliner liquid eyeliner then this is the right choice. The use of liquid eyeliner it can give a dramatic effect on the eyes. The end result of the use of the liquid eyeliner is more perfect and presentable. But for those of you who are still beginners will surely be difficulties in using liquid eyeliner.

Eyeliner Gel
This eyeliner form more solid and easily applied, including by beginners. The results of using this gel eyeliner will look natural and matte.

Unfortunately, this gel eyeliner can easily dry tablets. To resolve it, make sure you use it after covering it with a meeting.

Cake Eyeliner
This type of eyeliner is most widely used by professionals or make up artost. Solid formulas and allow them to explore with various styles of makeup. In its use, the brush must be applied before then first moistened with water.

Now various types of eyeliner and color can make you explore in makeup faces. And good information how to use eyeliner to eyes of this magnitude could inspire you to use make up.

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