Know The Best Eyeshadow Color Combinations For All Types of Eye Makeup

Mix colors of eyeshadow is indeed a little tricky if you don't know the combination of colors that match. If the wrong mix of colors, could your eyes makeup look garish like clowns. Do not let the tragedy happen again it failed makeup. Do you still like to feel confused when want to mix the colors of eyeshadow? Then you shouldn't miss this out!

Gold and Brown
If one eyeshadow color combinations is arguably the most favorite of all. How not, Brown and gold color combination is indeed very unified and able to complement any kind of skin tone and is suitable for a wide range of events. The dynamic duo will be creating smoky eyes look that looks elegant and standout.

Pro tip: to make this smoky eyes effect, we recommend that you avoid using eyeshadow or eyeliner black. To create a deep shade of color, you can use a dark brown eyeshadow.

Burnt Orange and Navy

If you want to try different eye makeup style, a combination of these colors can enter the top list you. Color burnt orange will pop up on the petals look your eyes and makes your eyes are the central focus of the entire makeup. Then if you combine with the colors of the navy at the lash line, contrasting colour it will create the impression of a trendy edgy.

Pro tip: blend in eyeshadow navy around the eyes using the concealer brush to create smudgy effect.

Cream and Taupe

What can I say, a mix of cream and taupe color will produce a classic look makeup styles and match with any occasion. Color with grey-ish tone it will make you look classy and adds a luxurious impression on a dress you wear.

Pro tip: apply cream eyeshadow in advance to the rest of the petals of your eyes and just DAB the color taupe around the outer periphery of the eye to create shadowy effects.

Rose and Champagne

Romantic colour and sweet this one also should not miss for you to try. Color combination of rose and champagne this will give the impression of simple yet beautiful for you who want to appear are girlie.

Pro tip: First, apply an eyeshadow color champagne to the entire eyelid up to the crease of the eye line. After that, add color eyeshadow rose on the upper eyelid. Don't forget to blend eyeshadow-Yes its so gradations in colour it looks smooth.

Neon Blue And Lime Green

Want to look so playful? Then you should try out this best eyeshadow combo! The bright colors of neon colors blue and lime green this will create an atmosphere of festive and very exciting to be applied in the event a fun party.

Pro tip: a Dab of green lime eyeshadow on the entire eyelid, and stack it with blue eyeshadow on the outer area of the eye, and don't forget to blend it upward!

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