Know The Shape Of Your Eyes! Monolid, Hooded, Or Double Lids?

In makeup, knowing the shape of each eye is very important so that there are no errors in the deployment eyeshadow and eyeliner. Indeed, there is nothing wrong in makeup. However there are some special rules in makeup that should not be done for you that has the hooded eyes, nor vice versa.

In fact, the shape of the eye are classified into 10 forms. However, broadly speaking, there are only 3 shapes eyes hooded eyes, namely monolid eyes, lids and double eyes.

Each of these three forms of eye has its own superior characteristics. So there is no such thing as an ideal eye shape because they have the beauty of each.


The first thing that must be done to determine the shape of the eye is, see if your eyes have the fold or not.

If your eyes have no folds like this, then you are a monolid.

If you have the crease but seeming to drown and not perfect like this, chances are your eyes are hooded type.

If your eyes are perfect folds, certainly you have type double lids eyes. Double eye lids form will then diklasifikasian back into the form of the downturned eyes and upturned eyes.

Still not convinced? Let's go to the second way, i.e. compare the shape of your eyes with the eye of the artist or public figure.

Generally, artists who have a form of Asian monolid eyes is artist like Jamie Chung.

The artist with the shape of the eyes hooded eyes could be seen on Jennifer Lawrence and Blake Lively.

While for double lid, Angelina Jolie can be a fitting example.

How? Already convinced by the shape of the eye of each of you?

Find out as early as possible to avoid you guys eyes form error on makeup that will probably make you guys look older!

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