Make it Practical and Dramatic Eye Makeup in 5 Minutes

Eye makeup often become the main focus of the appearance of the face. Therefore the choice of the right type of eyeshadow makeup largely determine the overall face makeup results. Unfortunately a lot of women do not have much time for an eye cosmetic in detail. It's no wonder eye makeup often passed away so that the appearance of any faces look not at maximum.

Now, you do not need any more afraid of not having enough time, yuk we refer to the technique of making dramatic eye makeup makeup with makeup artist from practical Shirleen T in the video below. The look of your face will look and perfect.

  • Apply the cream colored eyeshadow primer, maroo and taupe on the eyelid using a finger.
  • Blend it with a brush.
  • Add facial mist for metallic effects.
  • Apply the concealer in some parts of the bones of the eyebrows.
  • Maximize the spotlight eyes with eyeliner, false eyelashes and mascara.
  • Pulasakan concealer and corrector at the bottom of the eye.
  • The form of contouring, highlighter and bronzer in the cheek area.
  • You are ready to play with makeup.

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