Natural Eye Makeup Tips That Can Make Over Look When Others See

Eyes are part of the face that is important enough to determine "success" in terms of make up. A woman will look "Over Look" if you can make up the eye with the right trick. But for some women still have difficulties in making natural eye makeup for everyday like to the office. Instead of curious, let's look at the following natural eye makeup tricks.

At tips this time is about natural eye makeup that can make Over Look if people see it. When you want to make eye makeup should be adjusted to the character of the face and also the desired appearance. Lots of women who need a lot of time just for eye makeup. With these tips, hopefully can save time when eye makeup and obtain maximum results so that eye makeup can be natural and in accordance with the appearance.

1. Doing Eye Compress with Ice Stone
Ice cubes are a natural way to make long lasting facial makeup before you apply a wide range of makeup items. Compress your eyes a few minutes to remove dull on the bottom of the eye. If done regularly, ice cubes can also eliminate puffy eyes.

2. Use Eyeshadow Nude Color 
Eyeshadow nude colors can give a natural impression or not too much. You should choose eyeshadow without glitter so as not to seem excessive. No need too thick ladies. Simply assleep eyeshadow thin but evenly. If you are white, can also mix a little with soft pink colored eyeshadow.

3. Use Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner
For you the active hijabers, you should use waterproof liquid eyeliner for long lasting even though you do all day activities. Pulaskan eyeliner on your eye line evenly and need not be too thick well if you do not want your eyes look "spooky". For the eyebrows you should use a black eyebrow pencil if your skin is brown. For white skin no problem using eyebrow pencil with brown or dark brown.

4. Apply Concealer Under Eye
The number of college or work assignments that accumulate makes you stay up until the night. It makes your eyes black. Do not worry, you can disguise your puffy eyes with ladies concealer.

5. Eyelash Curler
Eyeshadow and eyeliner makeup already stand out, the last stage is to use eyelash curler to make your eyes look more visible. Do not forget to add waterproof mascara to make it look more perfect.

Few tips, if you have eyes that are narrow or small you can add white eyeliner at the bottom of the eye to make it look bigger. Good luck.


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