Natural Eye Makeup tutorial for daily activities

Beautiful eyes can give a first impression of friendly and fun for anyone to see it. To add to the beauty that radiates from your eyes, there is no harm in applying eye makeup.

No need to overdo it. Simply combine the natural color of eyeshadow such as Brown, black, champagne shimmer, can give a different look in the eye that looks natural. Proceed with the application of mascara on the eyelashes, will add to the beauty of our eyes. The tutorial is simple, like this:

  • Select the color of the light brown with a matte texture, and then apply the color of the outside of the eyelid up to the middle of the eyelid. The color to apply to the upper limit of the petals of your eyes, but did not achieve the eyebrows.
  • Select the older brown color, then apply it like a light brown color before. Blend it up to get a natural mixed colors.
  • Select white or light colored eyeshadow gold, matte or shimmery. Apply eyeshadow it starting from the inside of the eyelid up to the middle of the eyelid. Then blend it with a blend of Brown eyeshadow before.
  • Select color black eyeshadow. Then apply it near the upper eyelashes eyeliner form. On the outside of the eyelid, blend in this black eyeshadow with a blend of Brown eyeshadow before.
  • Apply Brown eyeshadow on the outside of the eyelid down to the middle section. Then apply black eyeshadow as well with the same technique.
  • The final step, a DAB of mascara on the eyelashes to the upper and lower part expresses the shape of the eye.

Make it Practical and Dramatic Eye Makeup in 5 Minutes

Natural eye makeup makeup this can be applied in a variety of activities. Starting from the Office to the wedding. Makeup is also easy to Saliha friend who just started dressing up. Good luck!

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