Natural eye Makeup tutorial for beginners

To look beautiful and attractive, there is rarely a woman applying makeup on her face. To support the appearance, in addition to makeup, hair, clothes and shoes of course has to be perfect. On the face, eye makeup is an essential part to look right. Not all women are experts in cosmetic eye, especially for beginners. Therefore, the following natural eye makeup tutorial for beginners that you can try it yourself at home.

Before you start, there are some tools and materials should be prepared in advance. Among them, colored eyeshadow cream, Brown or bright color of approaching skin, dark brown eyeshadow brush, various sizes, Eyelash curler, eyeliner, mascara and eyebrow pencil Brown. If the tool and the material already prepared, then you can continue on to the steps below.

To get an impression of natural makeup, the first step is to apply a colored eyeshadow cream as a base on the entire eyelid and the top evenly using a medium-sized brush. Do it gently and thin just so evenly. Select the type of brush brush in order to apply the more easy to do.

The second step, apply Brown eyeshadow or bright excited eyes of bone on the skin above the eyelids with a special large eyeshadow brush evenly. This also serves to obscure the eyeshadow a few eyebrows are a bit too wide to the bottom and you don't tidy up or shaving. You also need to tidy up the eyeshadows on the sides of your eyes using a small brush. This is done in order to make it easier to later when you apply eyeliner.

The third step, apply dark brown colored eyeshadow on the outer corner of the eye using a medium-sized brush toward the inside. Blend in this old brown color on the part of the bone of the eye to impress the eye.

In order for the eyes also impressed more life, you can also apply the color dark brown eyeshadow again at the bottom of the eye. Pull the line from the outside towards the inside to some wide from your eyes.

When you're done with eyeshadow, now it's time to wear eyeliner. Use eyeliner that you normally use. Can liquid eyeliner, marker or crayon. Select the easiest you use. Apply eyeliner on the top eyelid and try as closely as possible with the upper eyelashes.

Once completed, do not forget the flops lashes Eyelash curler with special and then apply mascara on the upper and lower eyelashes. Don't forget, the shape of the eyebrows using a pencil eyebrows. Select the pencil eyebrow with brown color to get an impression of senatural possible.

That's her eye makeup tutorial for beginners. Although it looks simple but you'll still look more beautiful and interesting and your eyes will look more fresh. Good luck.

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