Pretty Eye Makeup Tips Morning To Night With Cat Eye Makeup

The eye is one of the charms of women. Falling from the eyes to the heart. Roughly once a term widely used by people to express the charm of someone who could make other people fall in love.

By the way a matter of eyes, this time will be to share tips to make eye makeup can make you look more ' live ' there are, morning to night. The Beauty Department, divulge the secret of the eyes look more sparkling and elegant, though with a minimalist makeup.

Let's try these tips. Just armed with eye liner just kok.

Tips and tricks the morning

1. create the pull on the corner of the eye to create a cat's eye shape you want. Since this morning, you create corner cat eye a small but sharp enough.

2. After you create pictures and cat's eye pattern you want, fill the form of the cat's eye by using eyeliner.

3. In order for the eyeliner is not falling apart, to form a thin like this you can do that rather quickly with a little pressing.

Tips and tricks Night

1. When the night comes, You need to make a cat eyes a more firm and thick. You just need to add the effect of a line on the eye that had been hollowed out, so more straight.

2. If You will be attending the event are important, there is no harm in providing additional soft creme or pink eyeshadow which is shimmering. This method can make your eyes seem to shine. However, if you feel your eyeliner is enough, just enjoy the night with your basic cat eyes.

Cat eye makeup makes indeed very personal and depends on each eyelid. We should also pay attention to the thickness of the eyeliner that we want.

the above tutorial is very basic and you can better process, in keeping with the character of the eyelids and your makeup. The last tip, in the evening, do not hesitate to make cat eyes that you apply so much more dramatic. Good luck, Ladies.

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