Secret Eye Makeup To Look Younger

There's not much to know if eye makeup plays an important role in determining the final results of the full coverage makeup. The right eye makeup, will make a person look younger look of the original.

The skin around the eyes is so thin and fragile, so quick to point out wrinkles and other signs of aging.

If you feel the area looks dull, there are several ways that you can apply to resolve it.

Quoted from the Times of India the best makeup tips here are a few to give the illusion of a tired eyes to look younger.

For instant results, you could use a primer on eyelids. This technique can smooth the skin around the eye and prevent the occurrence of the face crumpled. Primary powder can help overcome the oily face and accentuate the original color of the skin.

Furthermore, the shape of the eyebrows with right to look younger. Fill the empty area with a lighter color. While in the form of arches, scratch resistant with soft-colored eyebrow pencil.

Avoid shiny eye makeup anyway because it will make the attention fixed on the wrinkles around the eyes. Siasati with shaped eyeshadow cream and beauty products that can conceal fine lines.

Help your eye makeup with praise wearing mascara on top lashes. The thicker and black eyelashes, will make increasingly intensive eyes.


Then, add the concealer under eyes to cover pouch black lines that make a face look tired. While the white eyeliner, will add to the width of the impression on you.

On the finishing touches, add black eyeliner that gives the glossy result. So the eyes look wide, sharp and dramatic.

Good luck!

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