Spotlight The Dramatic Eye Makeup Techniques Upside Down with Eyeliner

The eye does indeed become one of the very important thing to note when applying makeup. To realize the effect of big eyes, beautiful and dramatic needs to be done the proper makeup techniques.

If the General makeup techniques usually do is sweep the eyeshadow and eyeliner on the top eyelid part only. But to get a senasi different and a bit more daring, now you can try out the latest techniques are no less cool and amazing i.e. upside down eyeliner.

Reported by Stylexstyle, techniques of upside down is an eyeliner makeup techniques that apply eyeshadow or eyeliner on your bottom eye with wanra natural or bronze. But for those of you who want to get slightly different results, there is no harm trying bold colors to produce a perfect appearance.

4 makeup techniques upside down eyeliner that you can apply yourself at home

Solid Gold
A touch of gold color on the eyes will make the results of your makeup look lightweight and aligned. There is no harm in killing Golden eyeshadow form a straight line on the bottom of the eyes combined with the color of the lipstick to match.

Perfect Blue
Get the perfect shade of blue by mixing several colors of eyeshadow that you have to produce a blue-not too loud and perfect. The use of blue-colored makeup as eyeliner on the bottom of the eyes will make you look more fresh.

Reverse cat-eye
Who says eye-paint can only be implemented by applying the eyeliner on the upper petal only? Maybe this will sound a bit difficult to apply them. But you just have to practice it a few times to get the cat eye makeup.

A sultry mix
If you want to get a little bold appearance, you can apply black eyeliner on the lower eyelids. For natural results, you can blend with a little dark colored eyeshadow shiny.

The book makeup technique is able to help your eyes look wider because of his ability to catch light more.

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