Style of eye Makeup that is Made to appear more Interesting Monolid

For monolid eye lid shape owners, especially women in the East Asian region will usually face a quandary when should experiment with eye makeup. The eyelids are small, easy to have a flap, or creases her eyes barely visible often make some women feel doubt can get eye makeup that looks ' live ' and sparkling. First time was trying various techniques of eye makeup are popular, so hard it feels doubly, because the results are often less visible.

Ultimately, stick with a simple eye makeup style that is all. Often have these moments? If Yes, you need not worry, because there are still a variety of eye makeup technique that can be done to make the monolid eyes look more attractive. In fact, some of the techniques below even the more suitable applied for the monolid, lho.

Smokey Eyes

If you liked the dramatic makeup, smokey eye makeup technique is must try! Why? Due to the unique shape of the eyelid monolid thus making deployment smokey eyes so much easier. you simply use the two products just to make smoky eyes on monolid. First, use an eyeshadow or eye liner pencil black or brown with a matte finish as the base for smokey eyes. After that, blend it shimmer eyeshadow the same color on top of the base you use. Blend and create an effect with dark color intensity gradations on the lashes and fade towards the top and the outer petals. Voila, dramatic smokey eyes for monolid already so! But if you want a more casual style, trying to take advantage of the matte eyeshadow with a display of gradations of dark petals to decorate the area.

Colorful Cat Eyes

Bored with the usual black cat eyes look? You should try to use colored eyeliner to give a statement of its own on the eye area look. Choose a bright color so that the look is different, like gold or blue. Use eyeliner shaped gel and apply it using a liner brush. The use of a liner brush eyeliner strokes can help so that the result is more precision and as close as possible to the eyelash line. To create the illusion of a longer eye shape, drag the cat eyes you also is longer than usual. Let me also slightly taper the line at the inner corner of the eye to reaffirm.

Glossy Eyelid

She is a very suitable techniques used by the owners of a monolid eye lid. The use of eye gloss or lip gloss that is sticky on the petals usually tend to have a risk of creasing. Well, when applied on the top eyelid monolid, you need not worrying about the occurrence of creasing considering the absence of eye folds. Deployment techniques is also easy. you only need to apply the eyeshadow colors you want to use as the base color and then lightly coat the vehicle with a sweeping eye gloss or lip gloss. Feel free to get creative and choose bright colors such as pink and peach, because the results are in fact will make you eyes look increasingly eccentric.


Want something more different? you could try the technique underliner to make compelling with fixed eyes distract from the eyelids. Play using attractive colors. If you want results that are wearable for everyday, strike with the technique of smudging under the line of the eyes. But if you want a more interesting result concerns, extend the line underliner you as acquiring cat eye. We recommend that you not apply mascara on the lashes the bottom, so as not to cover the underliner which you have created.

False Eyelashes

Lashes is a flagship product that can make the eyes look more charming in an instant. Well, the shape of the eyelids monolid can use false eyelashes to make eye makeup look more dramatic. Use false eyelashes with natural but long. We recommend that you avoid these types of eyelashes that have a thick volume, so that the appearance of the eyes don't look increasingly small. In addition also note position of the placement of the eyelashes. Should paste it by giving the inner corner of the eye so that it doesn't look ' heavy '. And Lastly, don't forget to adjust the length of the lashes with eye size to get more natural results.

Well, experimenting with monolid eye lid can still be fun, isn't it? A technique where you most want to try?

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