The Easy Way To Make The Eyes Look More Attractive Monolid

Monolid eyes or eyes that do not have the eye crease lines mostly owned by ethnic East Asia such as Japan, the Chinese people, as well as Korea. Monolid eyes can make the eyes form becomes visible sipit and wistful. To you who do not have the crease line eye makeup tutorial, follow ala Korea from pony's eye Makeup in order for monolid look more beautiful and interesting.

Unlike the American makeup techniques, eye contour technique a la Korea look more natural and simple.

Point 1
Use the appropriate foundation with cushion type upon you on the entire face and neck. Choose a shade brighter than level 1 color upon so that the face looks brighter.

Point 2
Use concealer to cover part of the visible red and acne scars if any. Apply concealer stick on a puff of the cushion, then sweep on the part that you want to enclose. To reach parts that are hard to reach like the side of the nose and the corners of the eyes, use a brush. Lightly coat with powder afterwards to soak up the excess oil on the face.

Point 3
If you tend to thin eyebrows and want to make the eyebrows look more full and natural, use a eyebrow tint. Then lightly coat with powder and brow mascara afterwards to make it more durable.

Point to the 4
Use matte colored eyeshadow camel brown previewed on the rest of the petals of your eyes and the bottom of the eye. Flatten the outside with a brush to blend.

Point to 5
Using the older, colored eyeshadow over 5 mm above the eye line in an open. Sweep along the eyelid from the outside to the inside.

Point to 6
To create the impression of a more vibrant eyes, you can use eye makeup products containing glitter. Sweep the pencil liner pink glitter began to corner in the bottom eye line up to the middle part. This aims to make your eyes look brighter and glowing.

Point to 7
Using eyeline pencil drawing colored brown glitter and create a section ends curved downward with forward form the outline of the eye.

Point to the 8
Long eyelashes and thick was instrumental in making your eyes look bigger. Eyelash clamp first, then attach the false eyelashes. Flops again eyelashes together with false eyelashes to make it look new, fused use mascara afterwards.

Point to the 9
Want to blush looks durable? Use the cream colored pink blusher and Pat-Pat slowly using the puff, then sweep the powder blush-colored the same as the similar movements around him for long lasting results.

Point to the 10
Sweep highlights on the forehead, nose, and Chin. Then sweep bronzer to create minimalist shading on the jaw bone, cheekbones, forehead and the tip.

Point to the 11
Before colouring the lips, sweep cushion first on the lips as a replacement lip concealer. Apply a lip tint on only the middle part of the lip, then flatten to the edge using the brush. Stack again with lip tint only on the middle section of gradients lips to create the effect. Finished!

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