Tips And How To Use Natural Eye Shadow And "Two Colors" On Eye Makeup

How to wear eye shadow color and two natural fact is not difficult. Makeup eye piece to be one of the things that must not be abandoned. This is due to the appropriate eye makeup will make someone look becomes more beautiful.

The use of the right eye shadow will be able to change your look overall. If you have any eye sipit, you can turn it into a wider look by using the eye shadow.

Tips on using natural eye shadow:

  • For those of you who are just starting to learn to use or wear eye shadow, then catch the eye shadow color neutral. For example, Brown, black, white or gray. A neutral color is a color that can be combined with all types of clothes that you wear. In addition, neutral colors are also suitable in various events.
  • Use a brush or a sponge to smaller eye shadow and also wide. Do not use sponges or brushes eye shadow from the pa because the quality is usually less well. Use a brush or a sponge which has thick hair and also smooth.
  • The use of natural eye shadow usually just use one color only. Apply one color on your eyelids part vertically and align. After that you blend in eye shadow up to the top of the eyelid up to the limits of the skin of the eyelids and eye shadow is not visible.

Eye Makeup tips with using two colors of eye shadow:

  • The use of two colors of eye shadow is usually used for the purpose of attending a more formal event.
  • For cosmetic eye eye shadow using two colors, you can use 2 color choices that is old and young. Variations in their use can be adjusted to your taste. However to note that is a way of putting it. The first step you can do that is killing the old color eye shadow on the eyelids. Then use eye shadow color on top of the young line of eye shadow of old.
  • You can also use eye shadow colors are easy on the eye lid then add dark colors in the corners of the eyes. Apply eye shadow up to ¾ parts of the fold on your eyelids. Then you can add more light colors on it (on the bottom of the eyebrows).

In addition to using a mix of two colors, you can also use eye shadow with a blend of three colors. How to use it is to apply two colors of eye shadow variations above and then added eye shadow with the darker color in the corners of the eyes. Use colors that match the shirt or dress that you are using so that you look the more beautiful and attractive.

As a complement, you can add eye liner on your eyes and also the mascara on the lashes. The use of eye liner and mascara will make your eyes look more sharp and also beautiful. Good luck how to wear eye shadow color is natural and two above.

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