Tips And How To wear Eye Shadow For Beginners

For women who love to dress up, must have been familiar with the name eye shadow. Eye shadow will make the appearance of the eye become increasingly interesting and gives the impression on the appearance of the face.

Lots of eye shadow that is sold in beauty shops, with a wide range of colors that you can choose according to taste. For beginners, how to wear eye shadow might be a little bit difficult, because the confused how to combine the colours. To that end, here there are some easy ways to wear eye shadow for beginners who can direct you to try.

Tips and how to wear eye shadow for various events

The first way
How to wear eye shadow first i.e. prepare eye shadow along with a brush or tool used to wear eye shadow. Previously clean your eye first, then choose the color of eye shadow that you will wear. If you use eye shadow for day to day activities, we recommend that you select a color that is not too plug in like pink salmon. Then apply the eye shadow to the lower part of the eyelid. And DAB from the tip of the nose to close the eyelids near the bone wedge. Apply until evenly distributed and not too thick. Because it is used for daily activity should not be too thick. Apply evenly and polishing using eye liner.

The second way
The second is how to use eye shadow to official events. In visiting the official events requires a perfect look, such as clothing or appearance of a particular face is located on eye shadow. You can choose the color of plain and coupled with color sparkling like silver color or colors that have other flashing lights. For example, the color purple pastel colors coupled with silver.

Do I apply first pastel-purple color on the eyelids upper and lower until evenly distributed. After that apply also to the silver color of the upper eyelids or accumulate in the eye shadow that has smeared the first, i.e. the color purple pastel. Polishing using eye liner and false eyelashes, then you're ready to visit the official events gracefully.

The third way
The next one is how to wear eye shadow for the streets. Select eye shadow colors with light brown and dark brown. After that apply the eye shadow with light brown color in advance to the eyelid. Then at the end of the eyelid near the bone wedge, apply dark brown colored eye shadow to create a line of dark light with light brown color eye shadow is applied first. Polishing using eye liner and mascara. Then you will look very attractive when the streets with friends or more.

The fourth way
How to wear eye shadow the fourth also you can use in official events. First prepare the eye shadow is colored gray, silver, and white. Apply the eye shadow is grayed out in advance to all parts of the eyelids. Then apply the eye shadow color of silver to the upper eyelids until evenly distributed. After that on the eyelid near the nose tip top and bottom give a little white eye shadow that has been provided. Polishing using eye liner and false eyelashes. Then you will look perfect while at the event.

a plague four ways to wear eye shadow for beginners for several events. Good luck and hope this article is useful.

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