Tips For Eye Makeup With Eyeshadow Blending Is Easy For Beginners

If the user types the eyeshadows can be divided in two, it will probably be like this. User type 1 color eyeshadow (beginners) and user types some color eyeshadow (because it was clever). Well, you are a beginner might fall into the first category.

However, do not constantly ' lived ' in the same category and have to learn to hold up to the next category. If feel less good at blending eyeshadows, come check out this guide.

First, you need to have is an eyeshadow palette and the right eye makeup brushes! This eye makeup brushes for an awful lot of its kind, and for the perfect eyeshadow blending, there is a special brush. To apply eyeshadow from the palette onto the eyelids, you can use a regular eyeshadow brush-shaped flat (number 1). For blending eyeshadows or mixes, you need a brush with a bit long and tender (number 2). For dark eyeshadow on the corner of the eyes, use a smaller makeup brushes or pointed slant (numbers 3 and 4).

1. Get to know your eye Shape
Each woman had a different eye shape. There is a small fold, one had no eye folds, there is an extensive area of eyelids, some are her eyes wide. By recognizing the shapes of the eye itself, you can learn the application area of the eyeshadow and eyeshadow style that best fits the shape of your eyes.

2. use an Eyeshadow Primer
This step is important enough to the end result of perfect eyeshadow. Primer not only will make the color long lasting eyeshadow, but also makes the color more evident and easier to stick to the skin. That way, you don't need to repeatedly so that its colour eyeshadow killing emerge.

3. Blend in the transition colour to Eyeshadow Color First

For the first color, use the color transitions. This color is used as the basis for other eyeshadow colors. Color eyeshadow mix will help transition smoother. Color transitions are usually the color of eyeshadow that is not much different from the original skin color. The first color is applied above the line of the folds of the eyelids.

How Blending: colors mixes For this first, avoid using a brush with the way Pat. This way should only be done when putting its color, but not to confound. The proper way is with the method of the ' lap ' aka glass slides to the left and to the right over and over again. Select a special eye makeup blending brush, that is rather long and tender. Avoid mixes the eyeshadow in this section with a flat brush.

4. Select a second color For Eyelids
The next colors that you can apply is the color you'd like displayed on your eyelids. This color is the color that will be the main eye makeup colors. You can choose any colors, ranging from metallic colors to pastel colors though. The second color is applied on the eyelids, but do not let the colour eye crease line.

How Blending: For this step, you can apply the eyeshadow with a brush using Pat flat way. Then, do the ' glass ' lap method to confound the boundary lines between the first and second colors.

5. choose a third color To the outer corner of the eye

The third color is actually just a color option, and you should not apply. However, if you want to give the dimensions in the form of dark corners at the ends of the eye, use a third color. The third color is usually the darkest color that is on Your palette eyeshadow. Use this color on the outer area v (see diagram at point 1).

How to apply: Blending third color on the outer area v, select brush makeup brush or small-sized flat makeup with sloping ends. To confound this V shape, use a blending brush to the same but with a swirl motion aka spin. Not to mention the left-right movements such as ' glass ' lap. With this circular motion, the outer edge of the line V will look faint.

To complement the makeup, you can add a highlight with a shimmery eyeshadow colors in the inner corner of the eye in or corner (see diagram). Well, how? Easy blending eyeshadow with a guide right here?

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